HAHS 1500    Introduction to the Bitonte College of Health and Human Services    2 s.h.

This freshman orientation (First Year Experience) course is designed to enhance students’ transition to college life through exploration of personal, academic, and career development. The course includes exposure to YSU student services and activities, as well as academic policies and procedures. This class is graded and must be taken within the first 30 semester hours of course work.

HAHS 1510    Investigations into Social Classes in America    3 s.h.

The course examines the impact of social classes on individuals and communities. Investigating society's rules and resources provides a way to understand individuals, institutions, and society. Problem identification, analysis, and a structured process for change offer pathways to solutions for personal and community issues.

HAHS 2600    Service Learning and Community Engagement in Health and Human Services    3 s.h.

In this course, students will work with their peers and instructor to use their academic discipline and course content in understanding the underlying social, political, and economic issues that contribute to community difficulties. Students will learn how to become an educated community member and problem solve through serving the community and reflecting on the meaning of their service. This course is repeatable for different service site locations.
Prereq.: ENGL 1551, CMST 1545, and SOC 1500.

HAHS 3791    Community Medicine Seminar    3 s.h.

Exploration of a variety of contemporary community health issues using problem-solving methods from a community medicine perspective.
Prereq.: Admission to NEOMED-YSU BS/MD program.

HAHS 4800    Study Abroad in Health and Human Services    1-6 s.h.

Students travel to designated countries in order to provide services for citizens while immersed in diverse cultures and traditions. The country traveled to and the service activities engaged in vary. Assignments and evaluation are based on service course objectives supervised by Health and Human Service faculty. In some cases sophomore students may enroll (permission required). Course may be repeated each semester; fundraising and travel funds required.
Prereq.: junior standing, major in BCHHS, and permission of the Dean's Office.