General Education Requirements9
Core Competencies
Writing 1
Writing 2
Communication Foundations
Mathematics Requirement5-7
Algebra and Transcendental Function
College Algebra
and Trigonometry
Arts and Humanities6
Natural Sciences9
General Chemistry 1
and General Chemistry 1 Laboratory
Fundamentals of Physics 1
Social Sciences6
General Psychology
Social and Personal Awareness6
Normal Nutrition
General Education Elective2
Introduction to Kinesiology and Sport Science (FYE Course)
Required Courses (43 s.h.)
KSS 1559Aerobic Conditioning Activities2
KSS 1560Resistance Training2
KSS 15XX Activity Elective1
KSS 2605Sports First Aid and Injury Prevention3
KSS 2625Pedagogical Aspects of Exercise Science3
KSS 3700Exercise Testing and Prescription 14
KSS 3705Statistics Research in Exercise Science3
KSS 3710Physiology of Exercise4
KSS 3710LPhysiology of Exercise Laboratory1
KSS 3720Kinesiology and Applied Anatomy4
KSS 3720LKinesiology and Applied Anatomy Laboratory1
KSS 3730Exercise Testing and Prescription 24
KSS 3760Strength Training and Conditioning3
KSS 4810Exercise Testing and Prescription 34
KSS 4875Exercise Counseling and Behavioral Strategies4
Required support course. Credit hours do not count as part of the major (13 s.h.)
BIOL 2603Integrated Biology for BS/MD4
BIOL 3705Introduction to Human Gross Anatomy4
BIOL 3705LIntroduction to Human Gross Anatomy Laboratory0
BIOL 3730Human Physiology4
BIOL 3730LHuman Physiology Laboratory1
Requires an additional 30 credit hours during the senior year upon acceptance to the MAT program30
Total Semester Hours129-131