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Department of Health and Human Services

Joseph Lyons
1086 Cushwa Hall
(330) 941-3658

Certificate Description

The health care management graduate certificate is a collaborative program between The Bi­tonte College of Health and Human Services and the Warren P. Williamson, Jr. College of Busi­ness Administration. The sequence of 18 semester hours is designed to meet the needs of students and working professionals preparing for leadership roles in health care management. The certifi­cate consists of six semester hours of business tool courses and twelve semester hours of health care management courses.

Certificate Requirements

Applicants interested in the healthcare management certificate must apply to and be accepted into the Master of Health and Human Services degree program. Students in the healthcare man­agement certificate track are not obligated to complete the Master of Health and Human Services degree.

Select six hours from the following:6
Statistical Problems
Research and Statistics in Health and Human Services
Economic Analysis of Markets and Industries
Financial Accounting and Finance for Decision Making
Corporate Financial Management
Health Informatics
Consumer & Product Management
Select nine hours from the following:9
Program Planning and Evaluation
Planning and Fiscal Management
Foundation and Planning
Implementation and Evaluation
Strategic Management
Select one of the following:3
Community Health Practice
Health Behavior
Health Services Issues
Total Semester Hours18