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Parking Violation Fine

Parking without a permit, parking in unauthorized areas and other offenses as identified in the Parking Regulations brochure will result in the issuance of a citation against the vehicle and its owner, or against the student responsible for the vehicle (e.g., a student driving a parent's car). Payment of a fine removes the citation. In certain cases, vehicles may be towed. See the regulations for detailed information.

Library Fines

Fines are assessed for failure to return books on time as stipulated or for the unauthorized removal of a reserved book. Willful damage or defacement of library materials or other property is a violation of state law and is punished as such.

Student Code of Conduct Violation

Fines may be assessed to students who have violated the Student Code of Conduct.  These fines can be assessed by the Student Conduct Administrator or the Student Conduct Board after a disciplinary hearing.  For a complete list of the possible fines that could be assessed to a student who is found responsible, please visit Student Conduct Office .