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Select 18 credits from two or three Studio Art disciplines (painting, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, etc). Two courses must be upper division. Students cannot double count courses between the major and the minor.

Required Courses
Choose 2-3 Studio Art discplines (for which you have completed the introductory class) and Select 18 semester hours from the following (2 must be upper division):18
Introduction to Metals (Prerequisuite ART 1503)
Introduction to Digital Photography (Prerequisuite ART 2674)
Watercolor (Prerequisuite ART 1503)
Life Drawing (Prerequisuite ART 1503)
Upper Division
Intermediate Sculpture (Prerequisuite ART 2611)
Advanced Sculpture Studio (Prerequisuite ART 3712)
Intermediate Metals (Prerequisuite ART 2615)
Expressive Drawing (Prerequisuite ART 1503)
Intermediate Printmaking: Intaglio and Relief (Prerequisuite ART 2625)
Intermediate Printmaking: Lithography and Screenprinting (Prerequisuite ART 2626)
Intermediate Ceramics (Prerequisuite ART 2631)
Advanced Ceramics (Prerequisuite ART 3732)
Special Topics in Studio Art (Ideation - topic varies (Prerequisite ART 2691)
Special Topics in Studio Art (Prerequisite ART 1503)
Mixed Media Painting (Prerequisuite ART 2650)
Intermediate Painting (Prerequisuite ART 3751)
Video Art (Prerequisuite ART 2691)
Studio Problems (various disciplines - Senior Standing or Permission)
Advanced 3D Studies ((Ceramics) Prerequisuite ART 3733)
Advanced 3D Studies ((Sculpture) Prerequisuite ART 3713)
Advanced Printmaking (Prerequisuite ART 3725 or ART 3726)
Advanced Painting 1 (Prerequisuite ART 3752)
Total Semester Hours18