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General Education Requirements
Core Compentencies12
Writing 1
Writing 2
Communication Foundations
Quantitative Reasoning 2
Social Science Domain Elective6
General Psychology
Social Science GER
Social and Personal Awareness Domain6
Natural Science Domain: 2 courses (1 must include a lab component)7
Arts and Humanities Domain (satisfied by 6 hours of MUHL 3771-3774)
General Education / First Year Experience (satisfied by 3 hours of MUHL 3771-3774)
Music Theory: 19 hours
MUTC 1531Musicianship 12
MUTC 1531LMusicianship 1 Laboratory2
MUTC 1532Musicianship 22
MUTC 1532LMusicianship 2 Laboratory2
MUTC 2631Musicianship 32
MUTC 2631LMusicianship 3 Laboratory2
MUTC 2632Musicianship 42
MUTC 2632LMusicianship 4 Laboratory2
MUTC 3712Jazz Arranging 13
Music History and Literature: 12 hours
MUHL 3775Jazz History3
Select 3 from the following courses: 9
Music History and Literature 1
Music History and Literature 2
Music History and Literature 3
Music History and Literature 4
Keyboard Musicianship: 4 hours
MUAC 1581Keyboard Musicianship 11
MUAC 1582Keyboard Musicianship 21
MUAC 3781Jazz Keyboard 11
MUAC 3782Jazz Keyboard 21
Conducting: 3 hours
MUCO 3715Choral and Instrumental Conducting3
Applied Major: 14 hours
Instrument 15012
Instrument 15022
Instrument 26012
Instrument 26022
Instrument 37012
Instrument 37022
Instrument 48012
Large Ensembles: 5 hours (1 hour must include a vocal ensemble)
MUEN 0002Dana Chorale1
or MUEN 0004 University Chorus
MUEN 0006Marching Band1
MUEN 0023Jazz Ensemble1
MUEN 0023Jazz Ensemble1
MUEN 0023Jazz Ensemble1
Chamber Ensembles: 2 hours
MUEN 0030Jazz Combo1
MUEN 0030Jazz Combo1
Methods: 7 hours (indicate specific course number and title)
MUAC 2667Jazz Improvisation 13
MUAC 3735Jazz Methods1
Select 3 methods courses from the following:3
Brass Methods
Woodwind Methods
String Methods
Guitar Class
Voice Class
Percussion Methods
Music Education: 10 hours
MUED 2611Computer Applications in Music Education2
MUED 4823Music Teaching in Early Childhood (Pre-K-3)2
MUED 4824Music Teaching in the Middle School2
MUED 4825Music Teaching in the High School2
MUED 4826Instrumental Music Education2
College of Education Requirements: 29 hours (must be taken for a grade)
PSYC 3709Psychology of Education3
FOUN 1501Introduction to Education3
FOUN 3708Education and Society 13
TERG 3710Reading Application in Content Areas, Middle Years 13
SPED 2630Individuals with Exceptionalities in Society3
MULT 4807Teaching Across the Curriculum 12
SED 4844Supervised Student Teaching: Music (K-12)10
SED 4842AStudent Teaching Seminar for Secondary Education2
Total Semester Hours136

Dana School of Music Requirements:

  • Convocation attendance - 36 events 
  • Recital attendance - 30 events
  • Senior Recital (connected to Applied Major 4801)

Students are required to complete the Senior Recital before student teaching.


Requires College of Education upper-division status.


 A student may satisfy the MATH requirement by passing this course or one of the following alternate courses or its equivalent: MATH 1510, MATH 1511, MATH 1513, MATH 1549, MATH 1552, MATH 1571, MATH 1581H, MATH 1585H, MATH 2625, MATH 2652, MATH 2665, MATH 2670, MATH 2686H, PHIL 2619, or STAT 2601.