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Charles Vergon
4103 Beeghly College of Education
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The Department of Educational Foundations, Research, Technology, and Leadership, through its foundations and technology courses, provides undergraduate education majors with courses that draw from a range of academic disciplines. Foundational studies attend particularly to the diverse contexts within which educational practices occur and examine how interpretation can vary with different historical, philosophical, cultural, and technological perspectives. Undergraduate foundations courses, which include educational assessment, are designed to help develop interpretive, normative, and critical perspectives on education, both inside and outside the schools. The undergraduate technology course introduces candidates for teaching licenses to the issues, pedagogies, and skills associated with the use of technology in the educational process.

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Charles B. Vergon, J.D., Chair


Jane Beese, Ed.D., Associate Professor

C. Susan deBlois, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Charles Howell, Ph.D., Professor

Charles Jeffords, Ed.D., Assistant Professor

Karen H. Larwin, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Nathan Myers, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Patrick T. Spearman, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Charles B. Vergon, J.D., Professor

EDTC 3771    Technology for Teaching    3 s.h.

Introduction to the issues, pedagogies, and skills associated with the use of technology in the educational process. Experiences with computers and educational technology include computer productivity software, information retrieval sources, creation of instructional materials, selection/evaluation of hardware and software, telecommunications, Internet, and introductory multimedia. Emphasis on use and assessment of computers and media as educational tools. Required of all candidates for teaching certificates. Two hours lecture, two hours lab.
Prereq.: Admission to upper-division status in COE.

FOUN 1501    Introduction to Education    3 s.h.

Historical, political, legal, cultural and ethical perspectives on the work and roles of teachers and schooling. Issues confronting educators, voters, parents and children. Twenty-five hours of field work, orienting students to classrooms and to the organization and governance of school districts.

FOUN 3708    Education and Society    3 s.h.

School as a dynamic social institution. An analysis of how schools interact with diverse communities and with social, political, and cultural institutions and traditions. Twenty-five hours of field research.
Prereq.: Admission to the College of Education or permission of chairperson.

FOUN 3710    Educational Assessment    3 s.h.

Critical review of types, purposes, procedures, uses, and limitations of assessment strategies and techniques including authentic assessment, value-added assessment, and alternate assessment. Standardized testing and implications for current practice.
Prereq.: Upper Division.

FOUN 5875    Seminar in Foundations of Education    1-3 s.h.

Selected topics for a focused study on problems, issues, or concerns to be addressed by a sociological, historical, philosophical, assessment, or research perspective.
Prereq.: Permission of chairperson.

FOUN 5880    Special Topics in Foundations of Education    1-3 s.h.

An advanced study of sociological, historical, and/or philosophically based research which provides analysis of a particular educational issue with special emphasis on implications for diverse populations and/or diverse school settings.
Prereq.: Permission of chairperson.