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The Department of Social Work offers a two-year program in social services technology leading to the Associate of Applied Science. The primary purpose of this program is to provide a formal two-year degree for those currently employed social worker aides who wish to increase their professional qualifications, and for those who are entering the field of social work in the less complex positions. Students completing the SST requirements are eligible for licensing as a Social Service Assistant through the State of Ohio Counselor, Social Worker, and Marriage and Family Therapist Board. 


A social services technology degree can be a first step in developing a career in the service of others.  Many students achieving the SST degree apply their courses associated with the SST degree to the Bachelor of Social Work degree.  You are encouraged to consider the Social Services Technology degree to begin a career in human services.

Contact Information

SST Advisor: Dr. Dennis Morawski: (330) 941-3774

Social Work Department Office: (330) 941-1598


  •  Prepare students for social service assistant roles.
  •  Provide students with the ability to integrate basic knowledge, values, and skills of the social work profession into basic practice with individuals.
  •  Develop the rudimentary ability of students to work with a diversity of clients within social services agencies.
  •  Facilitate the development of core values and ethics essential to competent work with clients.
  •  Increase students' awareness of issues concerning social and economic justice to include poverty, oppression, racism, and discrimination.


Only students admitted to Youngstown State University in good standing can be admitted to the Social Services Technology program.

The student must meet the general degree requirements and department course requirements as follows:

HAHS 1500Introduction to the Bitonte College of Health and Human Services2
Social Work Support Courses
ENGL 1550Writing 13
ENGL 1551Writing 23
CMST 1545Communication Foundations3
SOC 1500Introduction to Sociology3
PSYC 1560General Psychology3
ANTH 1500Introduction to Anthropology3
POL 1560American Government3
PHIL 1565Critical Thinking3
REL 2601Introduction to World Religions3
Department Requirements for Social Services Technology
SCWK 1510Introduction to Social Work3
SCWK 2600Health Issues for Social Work Practice3
SCWK 2622Social Work Processes3
SCWK 2641American Social Welfare3
SCWK 2642Human Behavior and the Social Environment for Social Workers 13
SCWK 2644Human Behavior and the Social Environment for Social Workers 23
SCWK 3736Social Work Methods with Individuals (completion required for entry into SCWK 2695)3
Select one of the following: (Required for entry into SCWK 2695)3
Child Welfare and Case Planning
Child Welfare Permanency Planning
Social Services and the Aged
Social Services and the Disabled
Seminar Special Topics in Social Work
SCWK 2695Applied Social Work6
Total Semester Hours60

To be eligible for the Social Service Technology degree students must earn a "C" or better in all support and major courses with an overall GPA of 2.5 or greater.

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
HAHS 1500 Introduction to the Bitonte College of Health and Human Services 2
ENGL 1550 Writing 1 3
POL 1560 American Government 3
SOC 1500 Introduction to Sociology 3
PSYC 1560 General Psychology 3
PHIL 1565 Critical Thinking 3
 Semester Hours17
ENGL 1551 Writing 2 3
ANTH 1500 Introduction to Anthropology 3
CMST 1545 Communication Foundations 3
SCWK 1510 Introduction to Social Work 3
SCWK 2600 Health Issues for Social Work Practice 3
 Semester Hours15
Year 2
REL 2601 Introduction to World Religions 3
SCWK 2622 Social Work Processes 3
SCWK 2641 American Social Welfare 3
SCWK 2642 Human Behavior and the Social Environment for Social Workers 1 3
SCWK 3736 Social Work Methods with Individuals 3
 Semester Hours15
SCWK 2644 Human Behavior and the Social Environment for Social Workers 2 3
SCWK 2695 Applied Social Work 6
Elective 1
Special Topics Course  
Select one of the following: 3
SCWK 3728 Social Services for Children 3
SCWK 3730 Social Services and the Aged 3
SCWK 3731 Social Services and the Disabled 3
SCWK 4860 Seminar Special Topics in Social Work (with prior permission) 3
 Semester Hours13
 Total Semester Hours60