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Required Courses
GEOG 2611Geospatial Foundations3
GEOG 3701Introduction to Geographic Information Science3
GEOG 3702Introduction to Remote Sensing3
GEOG 4801Advanced Geographic Information Science3
Select 6 s.h. from the following courses:
GEOG 3712Thematic Map Design and Symbolization3
GEOG 3775Field Methods in Geography3
GEOG 3781GIS Applications for the Social Sciences3
GEOG 3782GIS Applications for the Natural Sciences3
GEOG 4802Advanced Remote Sensing3
GEOG 5812Global Positioning Systems and GIScience3
GEOG 58143D Modeling and GIS3
The following may be used to fulfill the required 6 s.h. above if the course theme is GIScience related:
GEOG 4825Geography Internship1-3
GEOG 4840Seminar in Geography3
The following course is suggested but not required:
CSIS 1590Survey of Computer Science and Information Systems3
6 s.h. of the minor must be upper-division (3700+)

Total Number of Semester Hours 18