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The certificate in Geospatial Science and Technology provides a program for students and professionals interested in geospatial careers and technologies (including Geographic Information Science, Remote Sensing, the Global Positioning System, Cartography, and spatial data handling and analysis). The Certificate signifies academic proficiency in Geospatial Science and Technology and is administered by the Department of Geography. It is rendered upon completion of the requirements below and includes both a physical copy of the certificate plus an entry on student transcripts.

Students must take a minimum of 18 s.h. (6 courses) as listed below and complete them with a cumulative GPA of 3.00 (B) or higher and no course grade below a C. The certificate is available to undergraduates and non-degree seeking professionals who meet course requirements. Note that some classes may require prerequisites courses for entrance.

Required Courses (9 s.h.)
Geospatial Foundations
Introduction to Geographic Information Science
Introduction to Remote Sensing
Select one course from the following (3 s.h.)
Advanced Geographic Information Science
Advanced Remote Sensing
Select two elective courses from the following (6-7 s.h.):
Thematic Map Design and Symbolization
Field Methods in Geography
GIS Applications for the Social Sciences
GIS Applications for the Natural Sciences
Geography Internship 1
Advanced Geographic Information Science
Advanced Remote Sensing
Seminar in Geography
Global Positioning Systems and GIScience 2
3D Modeling and GIS
Directed Research in Geography 1
Development of Databases
Visual/Object-Oriented Programming
and Surveying Laboratory

These courses are allowed for credit in the GSAT certificate only if they contain a significant Geospatial Science and Technology related component, are taken for 3 s.h. of credit, and are given approval by the chairperson.


These courses are allowed to count for elective credit only if they have not been taken under required courses.