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The Bachelor of General Studies degree (BGS) is a degree-completion option for students who have completed significant coursework but not the requirements for a specific major. Through careful evaluation of coursework already completed at YSU or other colleges and universities, a degree completion plan is constructed for each student. The BGS may also be appropriate for students for whom a general bachelor's degree may lead to career advancement or for those students who seek the personal satisfaction of having completed a bachelor's degree.

Individuals who have a bachelor's degree are not eligible for the BGS degree, and the BGS degree may not be earned concurrently with another bachelor's degree.

All BGS students complete the requirements of the General Education curriculum (old or new). As such, the goals of the general education curriculum are met by BGS students. They are as follows:

  •  Write and speak effectively
  •  Acquire, process, and present quantitative and qualitative information using the most appropriate technologies, including computers
  •  Reason critically, both individually and collaboratively; draw sound conclusions from information, ideas, and interpretations gathered from various sources and disciplines; and apply those conclusions to one's life and society

The specific requirements for the completion of the Bachelor of General Studies (B.G.S.) degree are as follows:

A 48-semester-hour concentration with at least 24 s.h. of upper-division credit comprised of:

General Education Requirements
Core Competencies12
Writing 1
Writing 2
Communication Foundations
Mathematics Requirement
Arts and Humanities6
Natural Sciences6
Social Science6
Social and Personal Awareness6
General Education Elective / First-Year Experience 3
Major Requirements
Two focus areas consisting of 18-24 s.h. each 136-48
Support courses0-12
An approved capstone course1-3
Completion of a Cultural/Diversity Requirement (Students are required to complete two classes from an approved list.)6
Elective Hours38
Total Hours Required for Degree: 120 s.h.

Focus-area requirements are submitted by the departments offering the course work in the focus area and are approved by the director of General Studies in coordination with the General Studies Committee.