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Introductory Statistics
Select one of the following:3-5
Introductory Statistics
Statistical Methods
Probability and Statistics
Honors Biostatistics
Statistics for Business and Economics
Research Methods and Statistics 2
Social Statistics
or equivalent 1
Intermediate Statistics
Select one of the following:3
Applied Statistics
Advanced Statistical Methods in Psychology
or equivalent 1
Category I - Statistics
Select at least 12 s.h. from the following courses, with a maximum of one course from category II:12
Statistical Computing
Theory of Probability
Theory of Statistics
Categorical Data Analysis
Nonparametric Statistics
Applied Regression Time Series
Special Topics in Statistics
Applied Time Series Analysis of Economic and Business Data
Statistical Quality Control
Category II - Calculus
Applied Mathematics for Management
Applied Calculus 1
Calculus 1
Honors Biomathematics 1
Honors Calculus 1
Total Semester Hours18-21

For equivalent courses, consult the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.