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As a state-assisted metropolitan university, the instructional mission of Youngstown State University is focused on the educational, scholarship, research, and service requirements of resi­dents and students of northeastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania, as well as a broader region, including all of Ohio and its surrounding states. This mission is designed to meet a variety of needs, including those in the industrial, professional, business, educational, social, and cultural areas. In support of this mission, the fundamental responsibility of the College of Graduate Studies is to make quality graduate education available to all qualified persons desiring it. Graduate study at Youngstown State University provides an integrated program of advanced study leading to discipline mastery and an understanding of related subjects. A thorough training in research skills and/or professional applications associated with the base of knowledge for each discipline is implicit in all graduate programs. Because of the very nature of graduate work itself, a more than average investment and initiative in learning, inquiry, research, and scholarship will be required on the part of candidates for an advanced degree. Thus, the College of Graduate Studies seeks to develop and maintain programs of high stature that achieve appropriate professional accreditation and attract quality students to the University.

Graduate programs that yield students who have mastered their discipline require a faculty of teacher-scholars who are active in their respective fields of study, whether they are professionally oriented or involved in more traditional scholarship, research, and creative activities. Individuals who meet these requirements constitute the graduate faculty.

The College of Graduate Studies supports the continued development of faculty scholarship and serves as the principal point of coordination for both internally- and externally-funded programs at Youngstown State University. These coordination efforts are directed at ob­taining the resources necessary to mount and maintain scholarly and educational programs of excellence and, in some cases, to target specific areas for regional and/or national prominence.