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Courses listed in this catalog are of two types.

  • Courses in the 5800 series are upper-division undergraduate courses in which graduate students may enroll for graduate credit with the ap­proval of an advisor.
  • Courses in the 6900- and above series are graduate-level courses normally open only to gradu­ate students but which undergraduates may elect under conditions outlined in Graduate Courses for Undergraduates. Courses in the 8100 series are doctoral-level courses.
  • The abbreviation s.h. at the end of a course description stands for “semester hours of credit.” Thus, credit for a three-hour, two-semester course is indicated by the notation 3+3 s.h., meaning three semester hours of credit each semester.
  • Prereq. stands for “prerequisite.”
  • Comma. Ordinarily, a comma between numbers (e.g., 6907, 6908) indicates that the course ex­tends throughout the year, but that credit toward graduation is given for each course individu­ally.
  • En dash. An en dash between numbers (e.g., 6907–6908) indicates that credit is not given to­ward graduation for the work of the first semester until the work of the second semester is com­pleted, except when special permission is granted by the chair of the department in which the course is given. The first semester of such a course is prerequisite to the second.