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Autism and Related Disabilities

The Moderate/Intense Autism and Related Disabilities Option prepares candidates to teach students with autism and related disabilities as well as to develop advanced systematic instruction in life skills areas including learning and leadership skills appropriate to the area of specialization.

Candidates with bachelor degrees outside the college of education will be required to complete additional coursework for licensure. Candidates seeking initial licensure are required to successfully complete the Ohio Reading Requirement, PSYC 3709 or PSYC 6903, student teaching and the edTPA for licensure.

For all candidates seeking a new area of licensure, 12 S.H. in reading, which includes a course in phonics, and passage of the appropriate licensure examination are required by the Ohio Department of Education. Individuals holding teacher certification must fulfill the Ohio Reading requirement (12 S.H.).

Candidates are given six (6) years in which to complete a master’s degree from the day of acceptance into the Graduate Program. All candidates are required to purchase a Taskstream account to complete the critical tasks for each course, which is essential for the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP). Successful completion of the comprehensive examination is required. Candidates will be required to pass the appropriate licensure exam before completion of the clinical experience (SPED 6999).

A candidate for the program must meet all requirements for admission to the Graduate School as outlined in the YSU Graduate Bulletin. Candidates are responsible for adhering to all special education policies.

A new cohort of students will begin each fall. Applications must be received no later than July 15th for consideration for the fall cohort.

Core Requirements
FOUN 6904Introduction to Educational Research3
SPED 6900Issues, Trends & Foundations in Special Education3
SPED 6906Characteristics and Behaviors of Learners with Mild/Moderate and Moderate/Intensive Exceptional Le3
SPED 6929Assessment of Gifted and Exceptional Learners3
SPED 6914Behavior Management for Educators3
Autism and Related Disabilities Option
SPED 5810Introduction to Sign Language3
SPED 6928Transition and Life Skill Supports for Learners with Moderate/Intensive Exceptional Learning Needs3
SPED 6993Health and Related Issues in Early Childhood Special Education2
SPED 6996Teaching Strategies/Autism4
SPED 6998AAC Strategies3
SPED 6999Field Experiences Autism/Related Disorders3
Total Semester Hours33

Learning Outcomes

  1. Candidates will analyze learners to determine unique needs using the principles and theories of human development.
  2. Candidates will prioritize areas of the general curriculum and accommodations for individuals with exceptional learning needs.
  3. Candidates will individualize instruction to meet the unique learning, communication, social and behavior needs of students with exceptional learning needs.
  4. Candidates will develop and use appropriate technology adaptations for all individuals with exceptional learning needs.
  5. Candidates will demonstrate reinforcement-based classroom management interventions with students with exceptional learning needs.
  6. Candidates will evaluate the progress of students with exceptional learning needs on their IEP goals to inform the adjustment of learning and behavior plans