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The sum of the graduate instructional fee, the general fee, and the information services fee constitutes tuition.

Graduate Instructional Fee

This fee is assessed to all students each semester. The rate is per academic semester hour of credit of registration. This fee supplements the state subsidy and is revenue of the University’s Educational General Fund.

General Fee

This fee is also assessed of all students each semester; the rate depends upon the number of credits for which the student is registering. This fee is for non-instructional services, such as:

  • Kilcawley Center
  • intercollegiate athletics
  • intramural sports
  • performing artists and lecture pro­grams
  • Student Government
  • Career Services

Nonresident Tuition Surcharge

As stated, all students pay the instructional fee, the general fee, and the information services fee. Those students who are not legal residents of Ohio also must pay a surcharge.

Performance Music Fee

This fee is in addition to the regular instructional fee. It is assessed to students taking music lessons and applied on a per-credit basis.

Information Services Fee

This fee is charged to all students each term and is applied on a per-credit basis to provide information technology infrastructure and services across campus, including the new Student Information Systems, wireless connectivity, classroom technology, and a continuous strengthen­ing and securing of the computing and networking environment. It provides support for technol­ogy enhancements and initiatives contained within the IT Master Plan, supporting the vision to keep pace with an evolving, interactive, student-centered and collaborative electronic learning environment.

Technology/Laboratory Materials Fee

This fee is designed to partially offset expenses associated with courses that make use of sup­plies, equipment, or personnel support beyond that associated with typical lecture courses. Ex­amples include:

  • chemical supplies
  • engineering equipment
  • computers and software
  • labora­tory monitors

Beeghly College of Education Regional Delivery Fee

This fee is applied to off-campus graduate programs offered by the Beeghly College of Education. It supports coordination and effective delivery of the off-campus program, recruitment and professional development of instructors, and/or customization of programs to meet the needs of working professionals.