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Marion G. Resch Center for Student Progress

The Center for Student Progress, located in Kilcawley Center, is available to assist students in successfully completing their University experience. The Center is designed to intervene actively in the lives of students to help them achieve academic and social success in college. In an effort to cultivate the skills of new students, expand the skills of developing students, and enhance the skills of exceptional students, the CSP offers several services and programs and can be found on the web.

Adult Learner Services

The CSP/Adult Learner Services assists adult students in making the transition to and graduating from college. Adult students are defined as those who are 25 years of age or older, or who have been out of school four years or more. The CSP/Adult Learner Services provides academic and personal support both individually and through programming with services such as:

  •  Academic Coaching
  •  Starfish Early Alert warning progress reports
  •  Time management and goal setting for adults

Visit CSP/Adult Learner Services for more information or call (330) 941-3538.

Disability Services

CSP/Disability Services provides students, faculty, and staff with assistance and information regarding accommodations for people with disabilities, either permanent or temporary. Compliance with the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act as amended 2008 involves providing reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities. These accommodations are provided in order to ensure equal access to people with disabilities regarding educational opportunities, programs, and activities.

The CSP/Disability Services addresses the needs of students with disabilities. Support for academic success includes:

  •  Serving as the gateway for accommodations for YSU students with disabilities
  •  Providing accommodation information
  •  Collaborating with faculty/staff regarding issues involving students with disabilities
  •  Arranging for classroom modifications for students with disabilities to allow equal educational access
  •  Making campus referrals/connections

To inquire about receiving disability services, please contact the office at (330) 941-1372 (voice), (866) 757-1353 (video), or (330) 941-7470 (fax). A confidential appointment will be set up to discuss accommodation needs. The CSP/Disability Services is located at 36 Wood Street.

Visit CSP/Disability Services for additional information or call (330) 941-1372.

Academic Coaching Services

The CSP/Academic Coaching Services offers professional academic coaching to assist students on a one-on-one basis with strategies for college success. Coaches provide on-site assistance by teaching students learning and metacognitive strategies that apply to coursework. Academic coaches also make campus referrals and follow-up to ensure students receive all the University support available.

Visit CSP/Academic Coaching Services for more information or call (330) 941-3538.

Multicultural Student Services

The CSP/Multicultural Student Services provides the following services and programs to African American, Hispanic, Asian American, and Native American students:

  • Academic support
  •  Workshops
  •  Faculty/staff mentoring
  •  Campus referrals and connections
  •  Starfish Early Alert warning progress reports
  •  Co-sponsoring of cultural events
  •  Advocating for minority students
  •  Summer Bridge and Bridge and Beyond Learning Community

Visit Multicultural Student Services for more information or call (330) 941-3538.

First-Year Student Services

The CSP/First-Year Student Services helps students become familiar with YSU, build confidence, develop direction, and identify opportunities that assist in achieving personal goals. CSP/First-Year Student Services provides all first-year and transfer students with the opportunity for an orientation program throughout the entire first year of college. Peer Mentors, upper-class students who are specially trained, serve as guides and friends to assist new students with time management, goal setting, navigating on campus, social adjustment, academic development and the mechanics of registration. First-year students receive individualized assistance through the development of a personalized plan to guide them through their first year of college. Services include:

  •  Peer mentoring
  •  Starfish Early Alert warning progress reports
  •  Various social and academic activities
  •  Connections and information for parents

The CSP/First-Year Student Services also provides a continuous opportunity for parents and family to stay connected with information about YSU and their students' first year through the Penguin Parent E-mail and Penguin Parent website.

Visit CSP/First-Year Student Services for more information or call (330) 941-3538.

Orientation Services

The CSP/Orientation Services realizes that the first year of college is a time of rapid change and new experiences. The CSP/Orientation Services helps students become familiar with Youngstown State University and gives them an edge in achieving their education and social goals. Services include:

  •  Building confidence, developing direction and identifying opportunities
  •  Supporting students in their transition to YSU
  •  Promoting knowledge of campus activities and services that encourage academic achievement and personal growth
  •  Interacting with faculty, staff, and student representatives
  •  Receiving academic advisement, selection, and registration of courses
  •  Providing official information on students' undergraduate programs, rights and responsibilities
  •  Parent and family member programming

Visit CSP/Orientation Services for an explanation of the services provided or call (330) 941-2103.

Student Diversity Programs

The Office of Student Diversity Programs serves to enhance our student's collegiate experience by contributing to an environment supportive of diversity and inclusion. As such, Student Diversity Programs supports individuals and student organizations to advance our culture of community.  This promotes an environment  conducive to cultivating relationships, creating a sense of belonging, encouraging personal growth and responsibility, and developing a strong set of interpersonal and professional skills for all students.  Through the programs and services of this office students learn the value of civic engagement, cultural awareness, and gain an appreciation for diverse perspectives.

The Office of Student Diversity Programs is located on the lower level of Kilcawley Center directly off the International Student Lounge.  The office hours are 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Our phone number is (330) 941-3515.  

Student Tutorial Services

The CSP/Student Tutorial Services provides support for academic success by offering:

  •  Regularly scheduled individual and group tutoring sessions
  •  Independent study materials
  •  Computer-assisted instruction
  •  Review sessions for exams
  •  Academic support through tutoring in a variety of courses
  •  E-tutoring for selected courses

Visit CSP/Student Tutorial Services for additional information as well as a tutorial schedule or call (330) 941-7253.

Supplemental Instruction Services

The CSP/Supplemental Instruction Services (SI) offers a series of weekly review sessions for students taking selected courses. Availability of SI is announced in the classroom at the beginning of each semester. SI is provided for all students in these classes who want to improve their understanding of course material and improve their grades. SI attendance is voluntary. For students, it's a chance to get together with classmates to compare notes, discuss important concepts, develop strategies for studying the subject, and take part in practice tests. At each session, the student SI leader, who attends the class and facilitates the session, will guide students through this material. The SI leader has previously taken the class and has received preparation to share information about both course content and learning strategies.

For additional information, see the CSP/Supplemental Instruction website or call (330) 941-7253.

Career & Academic Advising

Your connection to careers and employment opportunities begins with the Office of Career & Academic Advising. This office provides comprehensive career planning/exploration and job search services to students and alumni in all areas of career decision making and the professional job search.

Within the first year of their course of study, students are encouraged to meet with their Career/Academic Advisor in order to fully utilize and benefit from available career planning services and resources.

Services and resources available to first year students include:

  • individual career planning services tailored to the individual to help one choose a career field that matches their interests
  • comprehensive career resource information center for students to learn about career fields
  • job postings from hundreds of local, regional, and national employers

During the junior and senior years of study, students are encouraged to meet with their Career Management Coordinator for professional employment or graduate school preparation.

Services and resources available to all students include:

  • resume and interview advice to market individuals for jobs
  • workshops and events to connect students with employers
  • on-campus programs which brings employers to the YSU campus to interview students for employment after graduation
  • annual career fairs

Central to the operation of the Office of Career Services is PenguinLink (software by Symplicity), a web-based software system that makes it possible for students and YSU alumni to connect with hiring employers 24-hours- a-day/7-days-a-week. Through PenguinLink, students and alumni registered with Career Services can upload their resumes to the database, search job listings and email resumes directly to employers, receive notification of recruiting events and sign up for interviews with employers recruiting on campus. For more information, visit Career Services.

Counseling Services

The YSU Student Counseling Services provides high quality, short term, confidential mental health counseling, consultation, outreach (educational training), and referral services to our currently enrolled students.  Common issues that we address include anxiety, depression, stress, relationship concerns, and difficulty managing multiple roles and the impacts of these on being a successful college student.  Juggling life's responsibilities is a challenge that causes many individuals to feel anxious, confused, or overwhelmed at times.  We are here to help.  The Student Counseling Services Center is located in 3009 Jones Hall.  Our office hours are Monday -  Friday, 8 am - 5 pm.  Our phone number is (330) 941-3737 and/or visit our website Office of Career and Counseling Service.

Office of Veterans Affairs

Located in the brand new Veterans Resource Center at 633 Wick Avenue, the Office of Veterans Affairs (OVA) serves as a central location to discuss issues, questions, or concerns current and prospective military and veteran students may have regarding their enrollment. The university recognizes the sacrifice of military service and waives the undergraduate application and new student orientation fees for all veterans and currently serving military members. To have the application fee waived, the applicant must provide a DD Form 214 or other verification of honorable service in the armed forces of the United States.

After their initial registration, all military and veteran students are then qualified for the following veteran benefits at YSU:

  •  Priority registration
  •  Enrollment into select “Veterans Friendly” GER courses
  •  Voluntary membership into the “Armed Forces Student Association” (YSU’s Student Veteran Organization)
  •  GI Bill Certification
  •  Advocacy and counseling services
  •  Access to the OVA E-Newsletter
  •  Special recognition at graduation

The OVA also works with the Office of Veterans Affairs Advisory Council, an independent body that guides and supports the university’s efforts to serve those who have or are serving in the armed forces. The Council is a representative body drawn from faculty, students, staff, the community and the YSU Board of Trustees.

The Veterans Resource Center (VRC) on campus at 633 Wick Avenue is a 6,000 square foot, fully handicap-accessible facility that is the first of its kind at any university in Ohio. The VRC features lounge space, a computer lab, meeting rooms, a community/class room, kitchenette, ample office space for outside veteran-related organizations and much more. The VRC is open to all student veterans, currently serving military members and military dependents that are using veteran’s education benefits.

Students and all interested parties can contact the OVA by visiting our OVA website, emailing us at, or calling the office at (330) 941-2503. Individual person-to-person meetings are available and encouraged.

Kilcawley Center

Since its opening in April 1974, Kilcawley Center has served as the heart of campus.  This not only refers to its central location on campus, but to the many services, conveniences, programs, and amenities it provides to the University community.  The Center’s casual atmosphere, comfortable lounges, and attractive dining areas focus on making free-time activity an integral part of a YSU education.  Through cultural, social, and recreational programming, Kilcawley Center provides for rich and diverse experiences for YSU students.  Visit Kilcawley Center for details on Kilcawley’s services, hours of operation, staff directory, the daily calendar of events, and student job postings.

Kilcawley Center’s study lounges are renowned for their comfortable overstuffed chairs and couches that are perfect for studying, relaxing, or napping. The lounges and restaurant dining areas in Kilcawley Center provide high-speed wireless Internet access.  The Center offers convenient banking at ATM machines, copy services at ComDoc, as well as offices for Student Government, the Jambar student newspaper, Rookery Radio, and Student Diversity Programs.  Kilcawley Center houses 16 seminar rooms, two computer-training classrooms, and a large multi-purpose room. On a daily basis, these rooms host luncheons, workshops, seminars, lectures, organization meetings, and programs.

Graphic Services, located on the lower level of the Center, designs flyers, banners, posters, brochures, and graphics for student organizations and student projects.

Kilcawley Center offers diverse choices in dining. Located on the lower level of Kilcawley are:

  • YSU Wendy's with all your favorites
  • Jamba Juice (smoothies, juices, and steel cut oatmeal)
  • KC Food Court - which includes Denny's The End (bold breakfasts, grilled burgers, hot sandwiches, and fresh salads)
  • Chop'd & Wrap'd (made-to-order salads and wraps)
  • 2.Mato (classic Italian favorites including specialty pizzas)
  • HUB's Dunkin' Donuts
  • Mondo Subs (made to order gourmet subs, wraps, and flatbread sandwiches)

Located on the upper level is Kilcawley Center’s popular Chick-fil-A Restaurant offering delicious chicken that is 100% breast meat, no fillers or additives, and is hand-breaded in our kitchens.  Visit Dine On Campus for meal plans, catering, campus places to eat, and today’s menus including sustainability and nutritional information.

The Kilcawley Candy Counter is a popular place for quick snacks and beverages, along with U.S. postage stamps and single-dose healthcare items. A campus tradition for 40 years, students visit the Kilcawley Candy Counter to choose delicious chocolates and candy favorites from the large window display of classic glass candy jars.  The Candy Counter is easily found in the main arcade hallway of the Center.

Campus Meal Plans are available for purchase and are offered with a variety of dining options.  A YSU meal plan brochure is available at Meal Plans.  For answers to frequently asked meal plan questions or to purchase a meal plan, visit the YSU Chartwells webpage at Dine On Campus

Adding Pete’s Points to your YSU ID card will allow you to debit your purchase at ANY Kilcawley dining location including the Kilcawley Candy Counter. Pete’s Points are also accepted at many nearby locations both on and off campus and are listed at Times2Dine. Stop in the Kilcawley Center Staff Office for more information.

Chartwells provides a full catering menu for small group functions to large dinner buffets.  Once you have secured a room reservation in Kilcawley Center, or a site location on or off campus, Chartwells catering director will help you coordinate every detail to ensure your event is a success—whether you are planning a quick box lunch or an elaborate buffet.  Contact the Chartwell Catering Department at (330) 941-1979 or visit Dine On Campus or visit their office located on the lower level of Kilcawley Center across from Graphic Services.

The Office for Student Experience is located on the upper level of the Kilcawley Center.  This suite of offices includes the Kilcawley Center Staff Office, the Associate VP for Student Experience Office, and the Office of Student Conduct.  The upper level of the Center also includes the Bookstore; along with and the offices of Student Government, Student Activities, and the Office of Career and Academic Advising.  The Andrews Student Recreation and Wellness Center can also be accessed from the upper level of Kilcawley Center.

The YSU Info & PC Lab, where students can find popular software programs on the PCs and access to the Internet.  A small fee is charged for printouts.  The YSU Info & PC Lab serves as the information center and lost & found for the University, registers students for campus locker rentals, provides estimates for Kilcawley Resume and Typing Service, and offers for purchase 24-hour campus wireless access (ATT) cards.  A fax service is also available and includes international faxing.  YSU Info is located on the upper level of the Center near the main lobby.

Kilcawley Center’s lower level west wing, located under the Bookstore, houses the Center for Student Progress. The east wing of Kilcawley Center is Kilcawley House, where the Office of Housing and Residence Life and Mercy Health Student Health Clinic are located on the first floor.


Youngstown State University's ombudsperson provides students with an experienced staff member who can answer questions, help mediate disputes, solve problems, explain policies, and recommend changes in University policies and procedures that may be outdated or ineffective. Available during regular office hours in the Office of Upward Bound in Jones Hall, the ombudsperson serves as an advocate, a confidant, a mediator, a helper, and a listener. Visit Student Ombuds Services for more details.

Mercy Health Student Health Center

The Mercy Health Student Health Center is located on the first floor of Kilcawley House, which is adjacent to Kilcawley Center. The entrance to the Center is located off University Plaza.

The Center provides health care to all currently enrolled YSU students – both resident and commuter students. Licensed physicians staff the Health Center twelve (12) hours per week during the semester. Appointments are required. Students must call (330) 941-3489 to schedule an appointment. During break weeks and summer term, the Center may have limited hours.  Please call the Center for availability.

Health care is available for illness, injury, first aid, and routine health checks. Health screening tests, physical exams for sports and academic programs, gynecological exams, as well as consultations and referrals, are provided. Flu and other immunizations are also given; however, there are charges for these injections.

Office visits are free. Students do not need to have health insurance to use the Center's services. Blood tests, x-rays, lab tests, etc., ordered by a physician are done off campus at the student's choice of provider and at the student's expense.

Student records are kept strictly confidential. Information cannot be released to anyone without the written consent of the student. Certain public health diseases, however, must be reported to the Department of Health as required by law.

For more information, visit Student Health Clinic.

Day Care

Students who have younger children may wish to place them in on-campus childcare centers.

Wee Care Day Care and Learning Centre is the official provider of childcare services to Youngstown State University students, faculty, staff, and alumni. It has a professionally trained staff that takes care of children ages six weeks to 10 years. The Centre is located in Fedor Hall and is open from 5 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. The phone number is (330) 941-2936.

Wee Care is equipped with 24-hour-a-day video monitoring and a very strict sign-in and sign-out policy. Besides the convenience of its location and the quality of its program, students especially like the flexible scheduling options.

Students may also be eligible for child care through the Mahoning County Educational Service Center, which has day care facilities throughout Mahoning County, including one on the YSU campus. Please call (330) 965-7828 for more information.

Partial reimbursement is also available to University students for licensed off-campus day care facilities. Contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at (330) 941-3501 for more information.

For more information, visit Wee Care Day Care.