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Writing 1
Writing 2
Communication Foundations
Stat Lit and Crit Reasoning
Introductory Statistics
Arts & Humanities (2 courses)6
Social Sciences (2 courses)6
SPA (2 courses)6
Intro to Online3
Introduction to Online Learning in Health Professions
Major Courses
MLS 4800Advanced Clinical Chemistry4
MLS 4800LAdvanced Clinical Chemistry Clinical Experience2
MLS 4801Advanced Hematology4
MLS 4801LAdvanced Hematology Clinical Practice3
MLS 4802Advanced Immunohematology4
MLS 4802LAdvanced Immunohematology Clinical Practice3
MLS 4803Advanced Microbiology5
MLS 4803LAdvanced Microbiology Clinical Practice3
MLS 4804Miscellaneous Clinical Experience4
MLS 4804LMiscellaneous Clinical Practice2
Science Requirements
Biology (Must include A&P, Micro, Immunology)16
Chemistry (Must include Organic or Biochemistry)16