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FNUT 1551Normal Nutrition3
KSS 1590Foundations of Fitness3
PHLT 1568Healthy Lifestyles3
KSS 2605Sports First Aid and Injury Prevention3
KSS 4875Exercise Counseling and Behavioral Strategies4
Choose any two KSS activity classes. These classes include but are not limited to:2
KSS 1509Meditation1
KSS 1552Yoga1
KSS 1557Weight Training1
KSS 1565Self Defense1
KSS 1550Pilates1
KSS 1508Group Cycling1
Choose one of the following:
PHLT 3791Community Health3
FNUT 5862
Food and Culture
and Food and Cultures Laboratory
KSS 3725Mindfulness2
AHLT 5840Comparative Health Systems3
Total Semester Hours - 21-22