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The PTW program is designed to help you learn to write, edit, and design electronic and paper documents for businesses, organizations, and institutions. Successful PTW majors demonstrate many kinds of knowledge and skills valued in the field. As a PTW major, you’ll analyze existing works—from web sites and manuals to policies and proposals—as well as produce your own original materials for your professional portfolio. Specifically, you will

  • learn to produce clear, effective, well-edited writing that serves the needs and interests of various audiences;
  • learn to adapt to working environments that are changing rapidly—especially in terms of information technology;
  • develop a specialty in a specific field or type of working environment in which you’d like to put your PTW knowledge and skills to use.

Majors in PTW enjoy successful careers as writers, editors, and document developers. Our graduates have gotten work as professional and technical writers at Ohio companies like Radcom and Rockwell Automation, as grant writers at regional nonprofits, as marketing and public relations specialists around the nation, and as teachers, trainers and consultants in the field. Many have continued their studies in graduate programs as well.

A major in professional and technical writing requires 63 semester hours, distributed as follows:

General Education Requirements
Core Competencies12
Writing 1
Writing 1
Communication Foundations
Mathematics Requirement
Quantitative Reasoning
Arts and Humanities6
Natural Sciences (2 courses, one must include a lab)7
Social Science6
Social and Personal Awareness6
General Education Elective / First-Year Experience3
Foreign Language Requirement8
Foreign Language 15504
Foreign Language 26004
I. The Core (27 s.h.)
ENGL 3740Advanced Writing3
ENGL 3743Professional and Technical Writing3
ENGL 3744Proposal and Report Writing3
ENGL 3745Writing for Online Environments3
ENGL 3751Readings in Professional and Technical Writing3
ENGL 3755Principles of Linguistic Study3
ENGL 4843Advanced Professional and Technical Writing3
ENGL 4849Professional and Technical Editing3
ENGL 4899Professional and Technical Writing Senior Project3
II. Writing and Language Study (12 s.h.)
Take no more than three courses in any one category. Other courses may be substituted with approval.12
Internship (1-3 s.h.)
Professional and Technical Writing Internship
Advanced Linguistics
English Grammar
Selected Topics in Discourse
Creative Writing
Fiction Writing Workshop
Poetry Writing Workshop
News Reporting 1
Introduction to Magazine Journalism
Editorial and Opinion Writing
News Reporting 2
III. Critical Reading (6 s.h.)
Take any two literature courses in the English department.
Please note: 2600-level courses may also be counted for GER credit
IV. Professional Area (18 s.h.)
Choose one of the five options listed below. 9 s.h. must be at the 3700-level or higher. Appropriate coursework can be found in the departmental programs listed for each area.18
Option 1: Publication Design
Option 2: Electronic Document Development
Option 3: Technical/Scientific Writing
Option 4: Organizational Writing
Option 5: Independent Professional Area
Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
Natural Sciences 3
Arts & Humanities 3
ENGL 1550 Writing 1 3
MATH 2623 Quantitative Reasoning 3
Foreign Language 1550 4
 Semester Hours16
Social Sciences 3
Social & Personal Awareness 3
ENGL 1551 Writing 2 3
CMST 1545 Communication Foundations 3
Foreign Language 2600 4
 Semester Hours16
Year 2
ENGL 3743 Professional and Technical Writing 3
ENGL 3744 Proposal and Report Writing 3
PTW Prof Area crs. (1 of 6) 1 3
Req. II (1 of 4) 2 3
Natural Science/lab 4
 Semester Hours16
ENGL 3745 Writing for Online Environments 3
ENGL 3751 Readings in Professional and Technical Writing 3
PTW Prof Area crs. (2 of 6) 1 3
Social Sciences 3
Social & Personal Awareness 3
 Semester Hours15
Year 3
ENGL 4843 Advanced Professional and Technical Writing 3
PTW Prof Area crs. (3 of 6) 1 3
PTW Prof Area crs. (4 of 6) 1 3
37/48xx Req. II (2 of 4) 2 3
Arts & Humanities 3
 Semester Hours15
ENGL 3755 Principles of Linguistic Study 3
ENGL 4849 Professional and Technical Editing 3
PTW Prof Area crs. (5 of 6) 1 3
37/48xx Req. II (3 of 4) 2 3
37/48xx Req. III (1 of 2) 3 3
 Semester Hours15
Year 4
37xx or 48xx Req. II (4 of 4) 2 3
37xx or 48xx Req. III (2 of 2) 3 3
ENGL 3740 Advanced Writing 3
Elective 37/48xx 3
Elective 3
 Semester Hours15
ENGL 4899 Professional and Technical Writing Senior Project 3
PTW Prof Area crs. (6 of 6) 1 3
Elective 37/48xx 3
Elective 37/48xx 3
 Semester Hours12
 Total Semester Hours120


  1. The Professional Area requires 18SH in various areas; GER courses may be counted toward it.
  2. Req. II includes 12 upper-division SH in non-PTW classes, including linguistics, journalism, and creative writing. 
  3. Req. III includes any two literature courses in the English department, 2600-level or higher. 

Upper-division hours = 48

Learning Outcomes

The English Department has established the following learning outcomes for students completing the professional and technical writing major:

  •  PTW majors will define, state, and achieve a specific purpose and target audience, recognizing and adjusting for budgetary and timeline constraints.
  •  PTW majors will create and implement appropriate formats and designs for specific audiences and purposes.
  •  PTW majors will use a problem-solving approach and a variety of resources to investigate a problem, acquire and assess information, and organize it effectively.
  •  PTW majors will design documents professionally, using appropriate technological resources, software and hardware, as well as appropriate elements of design.
  •  PTW majors will evaluate others' writing, accept and implement the recommendations of others in revision and editing. They will edit appropriately, using conventional grammar, spelling, and diction, and they will apply the appropriate style guide.