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The certificate in Anatomy and Physiology is an option within the Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences. The program is designed for undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students that want to better prepare for careers in: advanced degrees in anatomy and physiology, professional degrees in medicine, dentistry or veterinary medicine or employment in industry.

The Department of Biological Sciences will grant admission to the Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology program. Due to the research-intensive aspects of this program, a limited number of competitive candidates will be selected for participation in the certificate. Minimum requirements for admission are:

  • Students must have a minimum grade point average of 2.7 (on a 4.0 scale) in the prerequisite courses.
  • Submission of two academic letters of recommendation.
  • Interview with the members of the division of Anatomy and Physiology.

To receive the Certificate in Anatomy and Physiology, students must complete 26-29 semester hours and maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or better in their required and elective courses in the certificate program. A total of 17 semester hours will be from required courses, including advanced courses in anatomy and physiology that have both a lecture and laboratory component. The remaining 9-12 semester hours will be selected by each student from a list of elective courses, which allows a student to tailor a portion of their course work to individual interest within the areas of anatomy and physiology. Student must also complete the required prerequisites to the upper-division courses, and cannot take a course on a credit/no credit basis.

BIOL 5813
Vertebrate Histology
and Vertebrate Histology Laboratory
BIOL 4839Selected Topics in Physiology1
BIOL 4898Research in Physiology 13
BIOL 4834
Advanced Physiology: Integrative Mechanisms
and Advanced Physiology: Integrative Mechanisms Laboratory
CHEM 3785Biochemistry 13
Elective Certificate Courses
Pick three courses from the following:
BIOL 3775
Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
and Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy Laboratory
BIOL 4822Principles of Pharmacology3
BIOL 4830
Functional Neuroanatomy
and Functional Neuroanatomy Laboratory
BIOL 5832Principles of Neurobiology4
BIOL 5833Mammalian Endocrinology3
BIOL 4835
Advanced Physiology: Regulatory Mechanisms
and Advanced Physiology: Regulatory Mechanisms Laboratory
BIOL 4836
Cell Biology: Molecular Mechanisms
and Cell Biology: Molecular Mechanisms Laboratory
BIOL 5844Physiology of Reproduction3
BIOL 5868
Gross Anatomy 1
and Gross Anatomy 1 Laboratory
BIOL 5869
Gross Anatomy 2
and Gross Anatomy 2 Laboratory

Students must enroll for BIOL 4898 for two consecutive semesters.