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All YSU class registration takes place online through the MyYSU Portal. Registration day and time are determined by the student classification. Registration dates and appointment times for current students are published on the MyYSU Portal.

Registration must be concluded no later than the date published for the particular term. All significant dates for each term are published in the catalog and on the YSU website.


The Office of the Registrar provides instructions for advisement and registration prior to registration.

All students are urged to consult with advisors in their major area. Each department or college has a procedure for either assigning an advisor to a student or having the student select an advisor. Advisement is required for the following students:

  1.  Freshmen (with fewer than 30 hours of credit)
  2.  Post-Secondary Enrollment Option/Early Admission Options Program students
  3.  Any student not in good standing
  4.  First-semester transfer students
  5.  All former students returning to the University
  6.  Athletes

The responsibility for fulfilling all requirements rests ultimately upon the student; the advisors provide assistance in that process.

Students may use the online Schedule of Classes to determine the specific classes offered in a particular term. For information about future offerings or when a particular course will be offered again, consult the appropriate department.

Change of Registration

Registered students may change their registration by accessing the registration functions through the MyYSU Portal. (Also see Reduction/Refund of Fees section).

Students should consult their advisors prior to changing their schedules. In general, each student who needs an advisor's approval for registration must also have an advisor's approval for add/drop (change of registration). However, advisors' approval is not required for:

  • withdrawing from a course(s)
  • changing sections of a course
  • changing physical activity courses

A registered student may add an additional course through the change-of-registration procedure until the last day to add a class as published in the academic calendar.

Withdrawal from a course must be accomplished through the change-of-registration procedure. If a student withdraws from one or more courses during the full-refund period (or the end of the first week of the summer term), no entry will be made on the student's permanent record for the course(s) dropped.

Administrative change(s) of registration may occur if a student is improperly enrolled in any course or has registered for more hours than permitted.

Students who wish to completely withdraw from the University should consult the appropriate section in this catalog.

Cancellation of Registration

A student's registration may be cancelled for any of the following reasons:

  1.  Academic suspension for the previous term
  2.  Disciplinary action against the student
  3.  Insufficient class enrollment
  4.  Failure to meet admission or prerequisite requirements
  5.  Failure to satisfy past-due financial obligations to the University
  6.  Conditional Admission dismissal

For more information check the Office of the Registrar   website.