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You may be admitted to Youngstown State University with credits from non-traditional educational sources.

Prior Learning Assessment Credit

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is an option that enables students to demonstrate what they have learned outside the classroom and translate that learning into college credit. Prior Learning Assessment validates learning acquired through corporate training programs, extensive volunteer activity, military service, workplace experience, civic engagement, individual readings and studies, training sponsored by professional organizations, and training sponsored by governmental agencies. Credit is awarded for college-level learning (knowledge, skills, and competencies) that students have obtained as a result of their prior learning experiences.

Students must demonstrate their mastery of the knowledge in a subject area in order to earn college credit. Prior learning can be verified by one or more of the following:

  • performance on standardized tests or department challenge exams
  • creation and evaluation of a portfolio
  • demonstration of military service learning

Some certifications awarded by accrediting organizations are given automatic academic credit at YSU once proper paperwork is completed and proof of certification is presented.  Please visit the Prior Learning Assessment webpage and look at crosswalks.  If you have a certificate that is awarded immediate credit, please contact Dr. Tammy A. King, Co-Chair and Acting PLA Coordinator, at for assistance with the required paperwork for obtaining the credit.

For more information regarding PLA credit and guidelines, please see the Prior Learning Assessment website.


The US Military is considered one of the finest training institutes in the world.  Every veteran or currently serving military student is entitled to a review of his or her military training to determine if college credit can be awarded.  
Courses taken through the United States Armed Forces Institute (USAFI) or the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) as well as certain formal service school courses may be considered for transfer toward the student's degree program. USAFI or DANTES courses must be evidenced by an official transcript, and service school courses through the (JST) Joint Service Transcript (Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard) or the (CCAF) Community College of the Air Force Transcript.

An individual who has served or is serving in the United States Armed Forces and has completed Basic Military Training will receive credit for that training. Credit may also be granted for "military job skill training" obtained while a member of the U.S. Armed Forces. A copy of the applicant's DD Form 214 and JST or CCAF must be supplied to the Office of Veterans Affairs in order to validate and award such credit.  Be advised that credit awarded for various military education may not relate, or be applicable to the student's chosen field of study and as a result may not fulfill specific degree requirements.

Questions should be addressed to the Office of Veterans Affairs, (330) 941-2503 . See the Office of Veterans Affairs website for more information.

Credit By Examination

Credit by examination is available to students who satisfactorily complete the appropriate subject examination.

  • Advanced Placement Program (APP) - available only through student's high school.
  • College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
  • Departmental Examinations - Call the specific department for a list of available exams and registration information.

Online Credit

The University will accept online work taken in connection with a regionally accredited institution under the same circumstances as provided in the section titled "Transfer Credit."

Transient Applicants

A student seeking a degree at another institution may ordinarily take one semester of course work at YSU as a transient student. The student must apply for admission to the University and provide a statement from the registrar from the student's current institution that she or he is in good standing. Only students in good academic standing and eligible to return to their institution will be permitted to enroll as transients. Students who wish to remain as a transient student for a second consecutive semester should contact Admissions. A transient student who wishes to transfer to Youngstown State University must:

  • complete an Undergraduate Application Form
  • provide an official high school transcript
  • submit official transcripts from all other colleges attended

Former Student Applicants

All students who have interrupted their attendance at Youngstown State University for three consecutive semesters must reactivate their record. Students who have attended any accredited college or university since last attending YSU must contact the Office of Admissions, submit an application and provide all official documentation described under, "Credentials for Transfer Students."

Non-Matriculated Admission

The option of non-matriculated admission provides an opportunity for adults out of high school two or more years to enroll in undergraduate courses without completion of the regular admission process. High school or previous collegiate transcripts are not required until the non-matriculated student completes 18 credit hours or decides to seek admission to a degree program. Coursework taken in the 18 semester hours as a non-matriculated student can be applied to a degree program at Youngstown State University. Non-matriculated students are able to register only after current students have registered.

Applications for non-matriculated admission can be obtained through the Office of Admissions.

Suspended Students

A former student who was academically suspended must apply for reinstatement to the dean of the college he or she wishes to attend. Reinstatement procedures may vary with the college. For details, consult either the Office of Records or the appropriate dean's office.

See Grade Requirements for rules regarding suspension and reinstatement.