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DNCE 1540    Modern Dance 1    1 s.h.

Elementary techniques of body movement. Rhythmic fundamentals and Improvisation.

DNCE 1541    Modern Dance 2    2 s.h.

Intermediate modern dance techniques, composition, and improvisation. May be repeated up to six credit hours.
Prereq.: DNCE 1540 or permission of instructor.

DNCE 1542    Dance Composition    2 s.h.

Basic principles related to the form and structure of dance composition.
Prereq.: DNCE 1541 or permission of instructor.

DNCE 1550    Wellness for Actors and Dancers    1 s.h.

Conditioning, relaxation, and injury prevention techniques related to the needs of dancers and actors.
Prereq.: 2 hours credit in any jazz, ballet, or modern dance technique classes or permission of instructor.

DNCE 1565    Topics in Dance    1-2 s.h.

Selected topics in the practice, theory or scholarship of dance. May be repeated if the topic is different.

DNCE 1570    Tap and Jazz 1    1 s.h.

Principles and practices of the basic techniques of tap dance, soft shoe, jazz, and the fundamental forms of dance movement found in musical theater.

DNCE 1571    Tap and Jazz 2    2 s.h.

Further refinement and development of jazz and tap skills. This course may be repeated up to six credit hours.
Prereq.: DNCE 1570 or permission of instructor.

DNCE 1572    Ballet 1    1 s.h.

Theory and practice of classical ballet with emphasis on body placement and muscular awareness. Fundamentals of vocabulary, structure, and placement.

DNCE 1573    Ballet 2    2 s.h.

Expands on vocabulary and established patterns of balletic movement. This course may be repeated up to six credit hours.
Prereq.: DNCE 1572 or permission of instructor.

DNCE 2606    Creative Dance for Children    1 s.h.

Skills and methods development, and the learning process as it applies to teaching children's dance and creative movement.
Prereq.: Sophomore standing or permission of the instructor.

DNCE 2662    Practicum in Theatre and Dance    1 s.h.

Practical application of theatre or dance skills through participation in special programming of the department, or specified studio/laboratory activities. Expected participation should amount to a minimum of thirty hours per semester. May be repeated for a maximum of 5 s.h.
Prereq.: THTR 1561 or special permission.
Cross-listed: THTR 2662.

DNCE 2680    Tap Dance 3    2 s.h.

Intermediate/advanced tap skills, with emphasis on speed, clarity of sound, and improvisation.
Prereq.: DNCE 1571 or permission of the instructor.

DNCE 2698    Survey of Dance    3 s.h.

The role of dance in culture and history, tracing the evolution of various folk, social, and concert forms. Structural and stylistic elements important for the appreciation of movement and dance.
Gen Ed: Arts and Humanities.

DNCE 3730    Music for Dance    2 s.h.

Designed to provide the dance student with basic musical knowledge and skills necessary for quality dance performance, production, and accompaniment.
Prereq.: Minimum of 6 hours coursework in DNCE.

DNCE 3751    Modern Dance 3    2 s.h.

Intermediate/advanced techniques in modern dance designed to develop professional performance quality. May be repeated up to six credit hours.
Prereq.: DNCE 1541 or consent of the instructor.

DNCE 3767    Choreography for Musical Theatre    2 s.h.

The study of dance, movement, and staging for the musical theatre, culminating in student choreographed/staged works from a variety of musical theater productions.
Prereq.: DNCE 1540 and DNCE 1570, DNCE 1572.

DNCE 3770    Jazz Dance 3    2 s.h.

Intermediate/advanced level class building upon a strong foundation in jazz dance. Refinement of technical and artistic proficiency. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credit hours.
Prereq.: DNCE 1571 or permission of the instructor.

DNCE 3781    Ballet 3    2 s.h.

Intermediate/advanced course building upon skills acquired in Ballet 1 and 2. Designed to enhance technique and artistry. May be repeated for a maximum of six credit hours.
Prereq.: DNCE 1573 or consent of the instructor.

DNCE 3791    Dance Participation    1 s.h.

Involvement with the Dance Ensemble rehearsal process and performance. Must be taken seven semesters during the time a student is a dance major. Course may be repeated up to seven times.
Concurrent with: DNCE 1540 or DNCE 1570 or DNCE 1572 or by audition.

DNCE 4871    Jazz Dance 4    2 s.h.

Refinement of skills and artistic qualities essential for the performance of jazz dance repertory at a pre-professional level. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credit hours.
Prereq.: DNCE 3770 or permission of the instructor.

DNCE 4881    Ballet 4    2 s.h.

Advanced-level movement skills and terminology. Skills increase in speed, complexity, and duration. This course may be repeated for a maximum of 6 credit hours.
Prereq.: DNCE 3781 or permission of instructor.

DNCE 4885    Dance Kinesiology    3 s.h.

Anatomy and kinesiology for the dancer, common injuries in dance and their care and prevention, study of physiological support systems, as well as applied knowledge of one's body potential and limitations in dance.
Prereq.: junior/senior standing or consent of instructor.

DNCE 4892    Pedagogy of Dance Technique    3 s.h.

The theory and practice of sound dance teaching methods. An outside field experience in teaching dance will be required. Senior standing.
Prereq.: Completion of minimum of 2 hours of dance technique in each of the following forms: Modern, Ballet and Jazz (satisfied by the completion of course work in those areas or by permission of the instructor), plus DNCE 1550, DNCE 2606, DNCE 3730 and DNCE 4885.

DNCE 4898    Senior Project    3 s.h.

Capstone experience expected of all students in the major. Significant demonstration of practical or scholarly ability in Dance choreography and/or pedagogy.
Prereq.: Senior standing.