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ECE 2629    Best Practices in Early Childhood Intervention Specialist    3 s.h.

Gives teacher candidates a research-based inquiry into early childhood education and promotes the acquisition of knowledge, skills, and dispositions that will facilitate best practices within the field. 10 field/clinical hours.

ECE 3713    Teaching of Mathematics: Early Years    3 s.h.

Using NCTM/NAEYC/NCATE and Ohio Model guidelines as the framework, focus on identifying and modeling developmentally appropriate strategies used for problem solving, communicating, and reasoning in early childhood mathematics. Learning to use mathematical connections to stimulate diverse students' development of math concepts and skills and create learning environment combining mathematics pedagogy/methodology in an early grades classroom.
Prereq.: BCOE upper-division status and approval of chair.
Coreq.: ECE 3715, ECE 3780, and ECE 4814.

ECE 3715    Teaching Science: Early Years    3 s.h.

Using NSTA/NCATE and Ohio Model guidelines as the framework, focus on establishing and maintaining learning environments that provide diverse students with a holistic, interdisciplinary understanding of science. Topics include teaching for meaningful science understanding, planning and providing an effective and supportive learning environment, planning and implementing curriculum and lessons appropriate for children in their early years, selection and use of instructional aids and resources, assessment, and professional development. Experiences that promote the use of science processes and problem-solving skills for life-long learning. Field experience combining science pedagogy/methodology in an early childhood setting.
Prereq.: BCOE upper-division status and approval of chair.
Coreq.: ECE 3713, ECE 3780, and ECE 4814.

ECE 3760    Cross-Curricular Applications and Classroom Management/Guidance    3 s.h.

Synthesis and application of developmental theories and appropriate practices and methods in classrooms for young children, including curriculum integration, quality classroom environments, and classroom management/guidance. (10 hours of focused field placement.).
Prereq.: BCOE upper-division status.

ECE 3780    Social Studies for Young Children    3 s.h.

Methods of teaching social studies to young learners (PreK-3) including exploration of a variety of effective teaching and assessment behaviors related to diverse learner needs. Use of key concepts, application of tools of social studies to foster social development and encourage independent problem solving, investigate the use of technology, create instructional resources; collaboratively plan, teach, and evaluate lessons in inclusive instructional settings; keep a reflective learning log.
Prereq.: BCOE upper-division status and approval of chair.
Coreq.: ECE 3713, ECE 3715, and ECE 4814.

ECE 3790    Assessing Learning in Early Childhood Education P3    3 s.h.

This course examines the theoretical foundations and developmentally appropriate assessment strategies in a P-3 classroom. Candidates will explore a variety of informal, formal, formative and summative classroom assessment strategies and critically investigate standardized assessments used in the current national and state movements toward accountability and “high-stakes” assessment. This course is a required part of the TEC experience to provide candidates with an authentic classroom assessment experience.
Prereq.: ECE 3760.

ECE 4811    Supervised Student Teaching: Pre-Kindergarten    1-12 s.h.

Student teaching consists of a 10-week assignment in a preschool. Grading is CR/NC.
Prereq.: CHFM 2664, ECE 2630, SPED 2631.
Gen Ed: Capstone.

ECE 4814    Language Arts Methods in the Early Years (Ages 3-8)    3 s.h.

Teaching oral and written communication through consideration of listening, speaking, reading, viewing, and related skill areas in the elementary school.
Prereq.: BCOE upper-division status and approval of chair.
Coreq.: ECE 3713, ECE 3715, and ECE 3780.

ECE 4841    Supervised Student Teaching: Early Childhood    1-10 s.h.

A 16-week assignment in a kindergarten-grade 3 setting. Grading is CR/NC.
Prereq.: BCOE upper-division status, passing scores on PRAXIS II content and PLT tests, criminal background check, and completion of early childhood program excluding student teaching and student teaching seminar.
Coreq.: ECE 4842.
Gen Ed: Capstone.

ECE 4842    Student Teaching Seminar in Early Childhood Education    2 s.h.

Development of an effective and developmentally appropriate K-3 classroom environment including: teacher work sample, daily lessons, classroom management, reflective teaching and growing as a professional in the field of early childhood education.
Coreq.: ECE 4841.

ECE 4859    Pre-Kindergarten Teaching Methods and Materials    3 s.h.

Methods and techniques used to implement the pre-kindergarten curriculum with emphasis on communication and creative arts, social, emotional, and physical development, and concept formation. Required for prekindergarten validation of other teaching certificates.
Prereq.: SPED 2631, ECE 3759.

ECE 6910    Curriculum, Theories, and Methods in Early Childhood Education, Pre-K-Grade 3    3 s.h.

Investigation of curriculum, theories, and assessment and how they relate to children's learning. Attention given to the role of parents as teachers.

ECE 6911    Early Childhood Pedagogy in Math and Science    4 s.h.

By exploring math and science teaching practice for grades K-3, the candidates will review teaching methods of math and science, find and design math and science programs and lessons, incorporate national and state standards in teaching math and science, and strengthen the assessment methods for classroom instruction. This course is linked to ECE 6921 in terms of an action research to solve real problems in teaching math and science for the participating teachers.

ECE 6920    Current Social Issues in Early Childhood Education    3 s.h.

Analysis of contemporary issues, trends, and current educational policies that impact classroom practices. Includes service-learning component.
Prereq.: ECE 6910 or ECE 6911.

ECE 6921    Action Research in Early Childhood Education, Pre-K-Grade 3    3 s.h.

Designed as a culminating experience. Direct participation is required for the successful completion of a field study, onsite project, or other classroom-based experience deemed suitable by the student's major faculty advisor.
Prereq.: ECE 6911 and FOUN 6904.