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EDFN 1501    Introduction to Education    3 s.h.

Historical, political, legal, cultural and ethical perspectives on the work and roles of teachers and schooling. Issues confronting educators, voters, parents and children. Twenty-five hours of field work, orienting students to classrooms and to the organization and governance of school districts.

EDFN 3708    Education and Society    3 s.h.

School as a dynamic social institution. An analysis of how schools interact with diverse communities and with social, political, and cultural institutions and traditions. Twenty-five hours of field research.
Prereq.: Admission to the College of Education or permission of chairperson.

EDFN 3710    Educational Assessment    3 s.h.

Critical review of types, purposes, procedures, uses, and limitations of assessment strategies and techniques including authentic assessment, value-added assessment, and alternate assessment. Standardized testing and implications for current practice.
Prereq.: Upper Division.