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MATC 1501    Medical Terminology    3 s.h.

Structure of medical words, pronunciation, and meaning of medical terms.

MATC 1502    Medical Law and Ethics    3 s.h.

Types of medical practices. Legal relationship of physician to patient, i.e., professional liability, implied and informed consent, malpractice, invasion of privacy. Emphasis on professional attitude and behavior.

MATC 2600    Medical Insurance Forms    2 s.h.

A study of private group and government insurance programs; Medicare, Medicaid, Worker's Compensation and Disability Insurance and the completion of required forms.
Prereq.: MATC 1501.

MATC 2602    Diagnostic and Procedural Coding    2 s.h.

Emphasis on identifying and use of coding systems (ID-9-CM, CPT) directly related to medical practices and current government regulations.
Prereq.: MATC 1501.

MATC 2604    Intermediate Diagnostic and Procedure Coding    2 s.h.

Higher level of ICD-9-CM and CPT/HCPCS coding, knowledge of Prospective Payment System (PPG) to confirm DRG assignment and professional fee billing. Two hours lecture.
Prereq.: MATC 1501 and MATC 2602.

MATC 2605    Introduction to Pharmacology    3 s.h.

Identification and interactions of drugs used in patient care including the pharmacological action and effects on the patient. Various modes of administration and patient education regarding the effects of common drugs.
Prereq.: MATC 1501, BIOL 1551.

MATC 2606    Automated Coding Systems    3 s.h.

Integration of computer system packages that incorporate the text and logic of coding systems in an automated form. Two hours lecture and three hour lab.
Prereq.: MATC 1501 and MATC 2602.

MATC 2610    Introduction to Disease Processes    3 s.h.

Introduction to the disease process including diagnostic symptoms and treatment aspects. Emphasis on the physical, psychological, and environmental conditions which influence the individual's well being.
Prereq.: MATC 1501.

MATC 2611L    Clinical Procedures Lab    1 s.h.

Techniques of patient interviewing and history taking, performance of patient assessment, application of principles of body mechanics, and instructions for examinations and diagnostic procedures. Three hours lab.
Prereq.: MATC 1501 and MATC 1502.

MATC 2612    Medical Records Management    2 s.h.

Includes medical record administration in order to create, maintain, protect, and preserve records. Emphasis on the development and maintenance of appropriate filing systems and the ethical and legal requirements and restrictions of medical records.
Prereq.: MATC 1501 and MATC 1502.

MATC 2614    Medical Office Procedures    3 s.h.

Fundamentals in patient reception, appointment scheduling, communication techniques, office management systems and preparation of an office policy manual. Three hours lecture, six hours assigned practicum per week.
Prereq.: MATC 1501 and MATC 1502.

MATC 2616    Coding Specialist Internship    3 s.h.

The student will be assigned to a hospital, physician's office, clinic and/or health care setting to practice coding and interface with the billing methodologies. Fourteen hours at the assigned clinical site and one-hour seminar class on campus per week.
Prereq.: MATC 2604.

MATC 2620    Advanced Clinical Procedures    3 s.h.

Orientation to minor surgical and specialized examination techniques, physical examinations, preparation and administration of medication, performing electrocardiograms, application of physical therapy, and x-ray techniques including maintaining medical supplies and inventory.
Prereq.: MATC 2610, MATC 2611L.

MATC 2620L    Advanced Clinical Procedures Lab    1 s.h.

Laboratory experiences in minor surgical and specialized examination techniques, preparation and administration of medication, electrocardiograms, physical therapy, and x-ray procedure. Three hours of lab per week.
Concurrent with: MATC 2620.

MATC 2680    Medical Laboratory Procedures    1 s.h.

An introduction to diagnostic laboratory procedures performed in the physician's office. Principles and techniques of laboratory procedures.
Prereq.: MATC 2610, MATC 2611L.

MATC 2680L    Medical Laboratory Procedures Lab    1 s.h.

Practice in diagnostic laboratory procedures. Emphasis on collection, proper handling, and identification of specimens. Basic hematologic procedures, urinalysis, bacteriological exams, serology, and pregnancy tests. Three hours of lab per week.
Concurrent with: MATC 2680.

MATC 2692    Medical Assisting Externship    3 s.h.

A practical experience in the offices of qualified physicians, accredited hospitals, and/or clinics. This is a non-paid experience. 20 hours per week for a total of 300 hours per semester at the site. One-hour weekly seminar.
Prereq.: MATC 2620, MATC 2614, MATC 2680.