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MRCH 1506    Clothing and Image Development    3 s.h.

Purpose and meaning of dress and adornment as a means of communication and social identity.

MRCH 1508    Apparel Production    3 s.h.

Methods, materials and the fundamental techniques and skills required in the production of apparel. Two hours lecture, four hours lab per week.

MRCH 1510    Apparel Evaluation    3 s.h.

Analysis and evaluation of aspects of garment construction and styling relating to making merchandising decisions.

MRCH 2625    The World of Fashion    3 s.h.

Overview of fashion-influenced industries: Textiles, Apparel, Accessories, and Home Furnishings.

MRCH 2661    Fundamentals of Interior Design    3 s.h.

Studio course in theory, elements and principles of interior design. An introduction to planning, materials, furnishings, work methods, and problem solving to meet human needs. Introduces architectural drawing including plans, elevations, details and basic drafting skills within the context of interior design.

MRCH 2662    Computer Applications for Housing and Interiors    3 s.h.

Computer-aided drafting and design using the basic commands of AutoCAD to produce architectural and interior drawings, including dimensional plans, evaluations, and details. Two hours lecture and 3 hours lab per week.

MRCH 2663    Materials and Methods    3 s.h.

Principles and functions of materials and methods used in the construction of furnishings and housing materials. Raw materials, selection, use, care, and selling points of paper, leather, fur, woods, metals, glass, ceramics, and plastics. Examines the furnishings industry with emphasis on forecasting, planning, selecting, negotiating, pricing, and recording merchandise.
Prereq.: MRCH 2662.

MRCH 3705    Fashion Textiles    3 s.h.

Study of textiles, including their characteristics, functions, purposes, and care. Fibers, yarns, construction, finishes, and textile legislation. Two hours lecture, two hours lab.
Prereq.: CHEM 1500, CHEM 1500L or CHEM 1505, CHEM 1505L.

MRCH 3713    Merchandise Buying    3 s.h.

Strategies and philosophies of merchandise selection. Topics examined include the organization of the buying function, determining what to buy based on customer needs, visiting the market, vendor analysis and selection, and the buyer's responsibilities in other areas of the firm. The product dimension and global sourcing are explored in depth.
Prereq.: MATH 2623 or MATH 1570; CSIS 1514 and MRCH 2625.

MRCH 3715    Fashion Promotion and Fashion Show Production    3 s.h.

Explorations of how the fashion industry creates awareness and stimulate customer demand through advertising campaigns, sales promotion, public relations and fashion shows. Discussions on ethical considerations in fashion promotion. Detailed deliberations and hands-on-activities on production and execution of a fashion show to promote fashion goods while engaging the community in philanthropy.
Prereq.: MKTG 3703 or MRCH 2625 or MRCH 1506.

MRCH 3730    Social Psychology of Clothing and Appearance    3 s.h.

Interdisciplinary study of clothing and appearance within contexts of cultural, social-psychological, physical, and aesthetic relationships. Emphasize origins and motives of dress and adornment, relationship of clothing and appearance to self, and appearance as a factor in interpersonal and collective behavior. Explicitly connects the fields of fashion and social psychology.
Prereq.: ENGL 1551, PSYC 1560 and SOC 1500.

MRCH 3740L    Computer Applications for Textiles & Apparel Lab    3 s.h.

Exploration of computer and software applications used in the fashion industry. The use of computer-aided design (CAD) to produce technical drawings, sketches, color stories and textile prints for design and merchandising presentations. Two hours lecture, three hours lab.
Prereq.: MRCH 1506 or MRCH 2661.

MRCH 3742    Applied Textile Design    3 s.h.

Use of color application and needlework processes in production of clothing and home furnishings. Exploration into the process of fabric design as a part of textile end product development. Students will design their own fabrics and textile products using dyeing, printing and needlework methods. Two hours lecture, three hours lab.
Prereq.: MRCH 1506.

MRCH 3745    Product Line Development    3 s.h.

The theory and practice of sewn products development. Includes technology applications and practical experience in product development for fashion influenced textile goods. 2 hours lecture & 3 hours lab.
Prereq.: MRCH 1508 or MRCH 1506 or MRCH 2661.

MRCH 3760    Visual Merchandising    3 s.h.

Evaluation and creation of visual displays for the purpose of selling fashion, home furnishings, and other merchandise. Independent and cooperative work in analyzing store displays in the field, making recommendations for fixtures and displays, creating class projects, and working on visual displays and plans. Two hours lecture, two hours lab.
Prereq.: MRCH 1506 or MRCH 2661.

MRCH 3764    Family Housing and Technology    3 s.h.

Planning the home environment to meet family needs and resources; consumer decisions in selection of residences, floor plans, and household technology.
Prereq.: SOC 1500.

MRCH 3795    Fashion Industry Tour    1 s.h.

Concentrated on-site study of the fashion industry including tours of laboratories, designer workrooms, showrooms, buying offices and related organizations. Pre-tour orientations and written report of experiences required.
Prereq.: MRCH 1506 or MRCH 1510 or MRCH 2625.

MRCH 4870    Global Fashion Economy    3 s.h.

Exploration of the nature of the global textile and apparel economy. Identifying the challenges of sourcing textiles and apparel products internationally. Discussion of the various countries and regions that buy and manufacture fashion goods. Junior standing.
Prereq.: MRCH 2625.

MRCH 4877    History of Fashion    3 s.h.

Chronological study of fashion from antiquity through the twentieth century. The focus will be on style identification as well as the influence of social, political, and economic conditions as well as cultural and technological changes upon fashion and appearance.
Prereq.: Junior standing and any one of the following: MRCH 2625, junior standing.

MRCH 4879    History of Furnishings and Interiors    3 s.h.

A chronological study of interiors and furnishings from antiquity to the twentieth century will be explored. The focus will be on style identification as well as the influence of social, political, and economic conditions upon furnishings and development.
Prereq.: MRCH 2663 or MRCH 2625.

MRCH 4880    Merchandising Management    3 s.h.

Principles of merchandising applied to planning, development, and presentation of product lines in both the production and marketing of apparel, soft line, and other consumer goods. Relates the role of merchandising to other business fundamentals.
Prereq.: MRCH 3713, MGT 3725.
Gen Ed: Capstone.