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Minimum requirements for the BS with a combined major in physics and astronomy and a minor in mathematics

General Education Requirements
Core Competencies9
Writing 1
Writing 2
Communication Foundations
Mathematics Requirement - included in minor
Arts and Humanities6
Natural Sciences - included in major
Social Science6
Social and Personal Awareness6
General Education Elective / First-Year Experience3
Major Requirements
Physics Courses:
PHYS 2610
General Physics 1
and General Physics laboratory 1
PHYS 2611
General Physics 2
and General Physics laboratory 2
PHYS 3703Classical Mechanics and Dynamics4
PHYS 3704
Modern Physics
and Modern Physics Laboratory
PHYS 3705
Thermodynamics and Classical Statistical Dynamics
and Thermodynamics and Classical Statistical Mechanics Laboratory
PHYS 3741Electromagnetic Field Theory 13
Select 6 s.h. of upper division physics courses.6
Astronomy Courses:
ASTR 1504Descriptive Astronomy3
ASTR 2609Moon and Planets3
ASTR 3711Astrophysics 13
ASTR 3712Astrophysics 23
ASTR 4815Undergraduate Astronomy Research3
ASTR 4811Observational Astronomy 13
ASTR 4812Observational Astronomy 23
Mathematics Courses:
MATH 1571Calculus 14
MATH 1572Calculus 24
MATH 2673Calculus 34
MATH 3705Differential Equations3
Minor Course:
One additional 3 s.h. upper division elective in mathematics is required for the mathematics minor.3
Other Courses
CHEM 1515General Chemistry 14
CHEM 1515LGeneral Chemistry 1 Laboratory0
CHEM 1516General Chemistry 24
CHEM 1516LGeneral Chemistry 2 Laboratory0
CSIS 2610Programming and Problem-Solving4
Elective courses needed: 5 hours of upper division and 2 hours of any level elective.7
Total Semester Hours120