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Four categories of academic standing are established: Good Standing, Warning, Probation, and Suspension. These categories are intended to signify a student’s progress toward graduation or to provide an opportunity for making improvements and achieving academic success.

“Warning” and “Probation” indicate that grade standards consistent with graduation requirements are not being met. An advisor’s approval of course load is required prior to continuing studies at the University.

“Suspension” means that a student is separated from the University for a period of time.

Academic standing is based upon the total earned hours (TEH) completed, including accepted transfer hours. YSU requires all students to have a cumulative GPA of 2.00 to be in good standing.

A student whose point average falls below the specified average for the number of credit hours achieved will be given a warning.

Students on academic warning are required to establish an action plan for academic success and have a letter of support from a supervisor as per the existing student employment policy.

A student who has been on warning and who fails to bring the average up to the minimum by the end of the following term will be placed on probation for the next term. A probationary student who has failed to bring the average up to the minimum by the end of the probationary term will be suspended; however, a student who makes substantial improvement during a probationary term and averages at least 2.00 for that term will be continued on probation even though the student’s cumulative average does not reach the desirable minimum.

A student on warning is permitted to participate in University activities.

A second suspension will have a duration of at least one full year before reinstatement on probation. Students should not expect to be reinstated after two suspensions unless the dean agrees that extraordinary conditions or circumstances have occurred. Additional suspensions will have durations of at least two years.

Reinstatement after any suspension is determined by the dean (or designee) of the college from which the student was suspended, or, if the student wishes to change colleges, by the dean of the new college. Exceptions to the suspension policy may be granted by the dean.

Transfer students admitted in good standing or on probation must meet those point-average requirements indicated for their total hours, including transfer hours accepted by Youngstown State University.