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MKTG 1520    Selected Marketing Topics    1-3 s.h.

Topics vary each semester. Subject matter and number of credit hours announced in advance of each offering. May be taken twice with change of topic.
Prereq.: permission of instructor.

MKTG 3702    Business Professionalism    1 s.h.

This course is intended to help students prepare for and accomplish a successful transition from college to a professional career. Students will be challenged to understand the various elements of business professionalism including etiquette, communications, image, conflict resolution, career exploration and job search.
Prereq.: BUS 1500; ACCT 2602; GPA of 2.5.

MKTG 3703    Marketing Concepts and Practice    3 s.h.

The activities involved in marketing products, services, and ideas examined within a framework of customer management. Topics include global marketing environment, market analysis and segmentation, consumer behavior, product development and management, pricing, promotion, and distribution. Marketing is examined from its role as a central function of business and non-profit organizations, and from its dominant role in a market economy.
Prereq.: BUS 1500 and junior standing.

MKTG 3709    Retail Marketing    3 s.h.

Retailing is the largest industry and the dominant employer in the U.S. economy. The industry is explored, with particular emphasis on understanding the activities of retailers, both large and small. Topics include shopper behavior, store location, store layout, product presentation, and customer service. The criteria for success in retailing, the impact of technology on retailing, and the retail process examined within the larger domain of marketing. Beneficial to all marketing and business majors, as well as others engaged in shopping activities.
Prereq.: MKTG 3703 and GPA of 2.5.

MKTG 3720    Industrial Marketing    3 s.h.

Characteristics of Manufacturers' goods, channels of distribution, functions of intermediates, distribution costs, marketing research, government control, and legal limitations. Product policies, service policies, packaging policies, price policies. Industrial advertising organization, planning and budgeting, uses of advertising agencies and national advertising media, sales manuals, dealer helps.
Prereq.: MKTG 3703 and GPA of 2.5.

MKTG 3726    Consumer Behavior    3 s.h.

Individual and group behavior as related to marketing Topics include the buyer as problem solver, buying decision processes and models, measurement of promotional effectiveness, and life style analysis.; May be taken concurrently with MKTG 3703.
Individual and group behavior as related to marketing Prereq.: GPA of 2.5.

MKTG 3740    Professional Selling    3 s.h.

Personal selling and sales management examined within the marketing environment. Emphasis on marketing relationships, buyer motivation and behavior, selling strategy and sales management techniques. 2.5 GPA.
Prereq.: BUS 1500 and sophomore standing.

MKTG 3742    Organizational Purchasing    3 s.h.

Examination of procurement and purchasing activities within the organization with a concentration on the multiple levels of supplier and customer relationships. Topics include current trends in procurement and sourcing, purchasing policy and procedures, supplier evaluation and selection, sourcing processes, and contract management.
Prereq.: MKTG 3703; 2.5 GPA.

MKTG 3745    Sales and Account Management    3 s.h.

The course provides an overview of sales and account management. Concepts covered include strategic planning, sales leadership, analyzing customer-client-buyer markets, and designing and developing a sales force.
Prereq.: MKTG 3703; MKTG 3740 (may be taken concurrently) and overall GPA of 2.5.

MKTG 3747    Negotiations Concepts and Strategies    3 s.h.

The purpose of this course is to understand the theory and processes of negotiation so that the student can successfully negotiate in a variety of professional settings.
Prereq.: MKTG 3703 and overall GPA 2.5.

MKTG 3749    Introduction to Sports Marketing    3 s.h.

The field of Sports Marketing has emerged as a notable sector in commerce over the past three decades. This course will explore strategies for marketing through sports which include conventional marketing approaches as well as innovative sponsorship strategies. The course will also examine the more specialized aspects of sports marketing which involve active measures that are designed to influence consumer preferences for a variety of sports products and service - the marketing of sports.
Prereq.: MKTG 3703.

MKTG 3750    Product and Brand Management    3 s.h.

New product development and brand creation process from idea generation to launch; diffusion of innovation and sales forecast of new product, market entry strategy, branding of new product, business plan for new product.
Prereq.: MKTG 3703 and 2.5 GPA.

MKTG 4811    Interactive Marketing    3 s.h.

In-depth investigation of interactive marketing including direct response marketing and other technology-based forms of business-customer interaction including measuring the effectiveness and the integration of interactive marketing activities into the overall marketing strategy.
Prereq.: MKTG 3703; GPA of 2.5.

MKTG 4815    Marketing Research and Analytics    3 s.h.

Introduction to the major areas of marketing research. Problem definition, research design, gathering information and analysis to assist marketing management with the decision making process. Emphasis will be placed on using data and information in an applied context.
Prereq.: MKTG 3703 and GPA of 2.5.

MKTG 4825    Marketing Management    3 s.h.

Comprehensive study of the management functions in marketing including organization, planning, research, merchandising, sales, advertising and promotion, marketing channels, and control related to corporate policies and objectives. Management practices covering recruiting, selection, training, equipping, compensating, and supervising.
Prereq.: MKTG 3703, MKTG 3726 and GPA of 2.5; May be taken concurrently with MKTG 4815.

MKTG 4842    Special Topics in Marketing    1-3 s.h.

Topics vary each semester. Subject matter, number of credits, and prerequisites announced in advance of each topic. No more than one Special Topic per semester is permitted. May be taken twice with change of topic.
Prereq.: Permission of Chairperson; 2.5 GPA; junior standing.

MKTG 4845    International Marketing    3 s.h.

Development of United States trade, foreign trade promotion, organization, export and import procedures and practices. Presented from the viewpoint of the international marketing manager who must recognize differences between markets in various countries as influenced by their particular cultural and economic environments.
Prereq.: MKTG 3703 and GPA of 2.5.

MKTG 4846    Marketing Channels and Logistics    3 s.h.

Consideration of the problems likely to arise in the planning for and movement of goods through channels of distribution from producer to end-user. Elements of the logistical system, including transportation modes, plant and warehouse location, and inventory size determinations. Behavioral and functional relationships with and between channel members in a supply chain.
Prereq.: MKTG 3703 and GPA of 2.5.

MKTG 4849    Export Strategy    3 s.h.

The student will learn how to manage and operate and export-based business. The focus will be on identifying local products, local companies, and an international opportunity to export by researching a specific market and working directly with a local firm.
Prereq.: MKTG 3703, GPA 2.5.

MKTG 4850    Marketing Internship    3 s.h.

Through employment with participating business organizations the student receives professional marketing experience. Candidates work for the entire semester at a local business organization under the direct guidance of a faculty advisor. Required paper at the end of the course on the relationship of marketing theory and practice.
Prereq.: MKTG 3703 and GPA of 2.5.

MKTG 4851    Services Marketing    3 s.h.

Cross-functional approach to the marketing of customer services in profit and non-profit organizations, including domestic and international opportunity analysis, customer analysis, financial analysis, strategy formulation, process and systems management, and quality improvement.
Prereq.: MKTG 3703 and GPA of 2.5.

MKTG 4852    Advanced Marketing Internship    3 s.h.

This course is an extension of MKTG 4850 Marketing Internship. It is designed to allow students to continue a current internship at a more advanced level or to engage in additional internship experience.
Prereq.: MKTG 4850; 2.50 GPA.

MKTG 4853    Sales Internship    3 s.h.

Through employment with a participating business organization the student receives professional sales experience. Candidates work for the entire semester at an approved business organization.
Prereq.: MKTG 3703 and GPA of 2.5.

MKTG 4870    Small Business/Entrepreneurship    3 s.h.

Study of the small business environment and the problems in starting a business. How small businesses apply the managerial functions in using their resources.
Prereq.: MKTG 3703.
Cross-listed: MGT 4870.

MKTG 4871    Small Business Enterprise    3 s.h.

Students work with actual problems faced by small businesses under faculty supervision. Problems are defined, analyzed, researched. Recommendations are developed and presented to clients for evaluation.
Prereq.: MKTG 3703.
Cross-listed: MGT 4871.

MKTG 4899    Marketing Independent Study    1-3 s.h.

This course will allow students to develop a topic of interest under the direct supervision of a marketing faculty member.
Prereq.: MKTG 3703 and 2.5 overall GPA.

MKTG 6910    Business Internship    1-3 s.h.

Provides graduate students the opportunity to relate theory to practice through on-the-job work experience with a participating organization. The internship will serve as an elective MBA course.
Prereq.: Completion of level I MBA coursework and six semester hours of level II MBA coursework.

MKTG 6943    Consumer & Product Management    2 s.h.

An applied examination of marketing as a business process by which products are matched with markets and through which transfers of ownership are affected.
Prereq.: Graduate standing.

MKTG 6948    Global Marketing Communication    2 s.h.

The course explores how culture and globalization impact marketing and communication activities of companies operating in multiple markets or multinational companies entering or operating in countries outside their home market. Provide extensive understanding of the issues and challenges in marketing communication through a global perspective.
Prereq.: MKTG 3703 or MKTG 6975.

MKTG 6949    International Marketing Management    3 s.h.

The functions, problems, and decision-making processes of marketing executives in business organizations involved in foreign markets are studied. Students are given the opportunity to develop foreign market evaluations applying classroom knowledge to practical decision problems. Involvement of the student on an individual basis is stressed.
Prereq.: MKTG 6975.

MKTG 6951    Export Strategy    3 s.h.

The student will learn how to manage and operate an export-based business. The focus will be on identifying local products, local companies, and an international opportunity to export by researching a specific market and working directly a with local firm.

MKTG 6968    Special Topics in Marketing    1-3 s.h.

Topics may vary from semester to semester and will be announced along with prerequisites and hours. Course may be repeated.

MKTG 6968I    Special Topics in Marketing Effective Data Interpretation and Reporting    1-3 s.h.

Topics may vary from semester to semester and will be announced along with prerequisites and hours. Course may be repeated.

MKTG 6975    Applied Marketing Strategy    2 s.h.

Through applied learning experiences, students develop abilities to analyze markets, plan, design and implement effective marketing strategies in the areas of product, promotion, pricing, and distribution. Emphasis is on the integration of the marketing function with other business activities.
Prereq.: MKTG 6943.

MKTG 6996    Research Problems    1-5 s.h.

Special research project under the supervision of a graduate faculty member. Credit will be determined in each case in light of the nature and extent of the project.
Prereq.: Fifteen hours of level II MBA coursework or permission of MBA director.