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Youngstown State University--an urban research university--emphasizes a creative, integrated approach to education, scholarship, and service. The University places students at its center; leads in the discovery, dissemination, and application of knowledge; advances civic, scientific, and technological development; and fosters collaboration to enrich the region and the world.

The University

  • Creates diverse educational experiences that develop ethical, intellectually curious students who are invested in their communities;
  • Provides access to a broad range of undergraduate programs;
  • Offers graduate programs in selected areas of excellence, including those that meet the needs of the region;
  • Supports economic development through applied learning and research;
  • Integrates teaching and learning, scholarship, and civic engagement;
  • Fosters understanding of diversity, sustainability, and global perspectives; and
  • Advances the intellectual and cultural life of the city, region, and world.

Youngstown State University Core Values

We--the faculty, staff, administrators, and students of Youngstown State University--hold the following values essential to achieving the University's mission:

Centrality of Students

We are a student-centered institution committed to the education, development, well-being, and success of students of all ages and from all walks in life. In concert with our mission to help students grow intellectually, we strive to foster their personal, social, emotional, and career growth, as well as their capacities for lifelong learning, civic responsibility, and leadership.

Excellence and Innovation

We value excellence and innovation inside the classroom and out. Thus, we strive:

  • to integrate curricular and curricular activities to offer outstanding academic programs;
  • to foster intellectual inquiry, exploration, and discovery to transcend traditional boundaries;
  • to apply and perfect knowledge to encourage creativity;
  • to provide effective tools, technologies, and facilities for learning; and
  • to excel in research and scholarly activity, including the "scholarship of teaching and learning"--an area of research that explores how individuals teach and learn.

Integrity/Human Dignity

As a campus community, we expect all conduct to be rooted in integrity, mutual respect, and civility. We value ethical behavior in scholarly and other endeavors; believe in the dignity and worth of all people; strive to foster an appreciation of, and respect for, differences among the human race; and celebrate the diversity that enriches the University and the world.

Collegiality and Public Engagement

As scholar-citizens of many extended and interconnected communities, we pledge to work collegially and cooperatively to enrich the cultural environment; establish productive partnerships; provide responsible leadership; address community and workforce needs; foster sustainability; and bring about the greater good of the collective whole--be it the University, the city of Youngstown, the state of Ohio, the region, or beyond.

YSU 2020 The Four Cornerstones

YSU 2020: The Strategic Plan of Youngstown State University 2011–2020,
adopted by the YSU Board of Trustees in December 2010, is based on four critical guideposts, or “cornerstones”:

Accountability and Sustainability

Accountability and sustainability entail aligning the University’s resources and investments to meet broad strategic goals and maintain institutional vitality.

Student Success

Student success is defined as “academic achievement, satisfaction, and productive post-college performance.”

Urban Research University Transition

Youngstown State University contributes to the development and application of knowledge for the betterment of students and, thus, the communities in which they live and work. The University strives to improve the quality of life in the region and is the primary link to the global community. As an urban research university, YSU is guided by three core principles:

  • Faculty research and scholarship are integrated into teaching and learning to improve graduate and undergraduate student experiences;
  • YSU answers important questions and solves real problems by sharing information, expertise, and resources with the community;
  • YSU invests in research, academic, and other programs that enrich the intellectual, cultural, and economic life of the community.

Regional Engagement

Regional engagement refers to activities that enhance the quality of life, well-being, and economic development of communities in and around Youngstown and the surrounding region. YSU has a positive impact on the region through active mutual engagement, not merely by existence.

The YSU 2020 document and related web pages are available at YSU 2020 Strategic Plan.