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Honors College

The Honors College is open to students meeting select criteria from any associate or baccalaureate program. Completion of Honors College requirements results in the placement of the Honors College distinction on the student transcript and diploma.

See the Honors College section of the Undergraduate Catalog for more information.

Early Enrollment Opportunities

Youngstown State University offers programs that provide additional academic challenges to 7th - 12th grade students who have demonstrated college readiness. The programs allow students to experience college-level course work, supplement their high school curriculum, enjoy special interests and accumulate college credit. Course work may be applied toward a program at Youngstown State University or may be transferable. Students who plan to continue at YSU after graduation from high school must reapply to YSU and provide a final high school transcript to the Office of Admissions.  These programs include:

College credit plus

The YSU College Credit Plus program (CCP) offers credit-bearing college courses to 7th - 12th grade students. Students earn college credit on an official YSU transcript that is transferable to any state-funded college or university in Ohio and some private and out-of-state schools. CCP students who plan to continue at YSU after graduating high school must reapply to YSU and provide their final high school transcript. In addition:

  • Students can enroll in any class for which they are qualified. Classes may be taken on campus, online or at the high school (course offerings vary). See the College Credit Plus website for eligibility and information about course offerings in each school district.
  • There are two payment options in the CCP program. Students can either be self-pay (Option A) or state-funded (Option B). See the Student Cost: Option A vs Option B webpage for more information. 

College tech prep

Ohio College Tech Prep blends high-level academics with advanced career technology education. Focused on student success and workforce development, this educational initiative requires collaboration among secondary and post-secondary partners to support students through a smoothly-structured transition from high school to college to careers.

Students successfully completing the secondary portion of College Tech Prep and continuing in their career pathway at the post-secondary level may earn articulated college credit or Career Technical Credit Transfer (CT)2/CTAGs.

College Tech Prep is coordinated in Ohio through six regional centers. Ohio College Tech Prep is jointly managed by the Ohio Department of Higher Education (formerly the Ohio Board of Regents) and the Ohio Department of Education's Office of Career-Technical Education. For more information, contact the Office of Associate Degree and Tech Prep Programs or visit the College Tech Prep site.

Youngstown Rayen Early college (yRec)

YREC, the first school of its kind at a public university in Ohio, helps Youngstown city school district students succeed in high school and make a successful transition to higher education. From YEC's home base in the Rayen Building, just south of the YSU campus, students take a combination of high school and university classes, graduating from high school with up to 64 hours of college credit. Youngstown Rayen Early College was developed with the assistance of the KnowledgeWorks Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Individualized Curriculum Program

The student whose needs are not met by existing conventional programs may wish to investigate and apply for the Individualized Curriculum Program (ICP). This option requires a student to design the curriculum suited to his or her particular background and needs, allowing alternative paths for reaching the currently offered undergraduate degrees.

A student admitted to the program will have the help of a committee of faculty advisors selected by the student. This committee will help to develop a program that will serve a valid educational goal not attainable within the regular curricular structure of the University. To receive approval, the overall program needs to be of a scope and intensity comparable to conventional programs leading to the degree being sought.

Students wishing to develop an individualized curriculum must meet the following requirements:

  1.  Sophomore standing 32 s.h. completed (for baccalaureate degree)
  2.  GPA of at least 2.50
  3.  Students pursuing a baccalaureate degree must have at least 30 s.h.'s to complete once the program has been approved. Students pursuing an associate degree must have at least 20 s.h.'s remaining upon approval.

The ICP does not provide for new or modified courses or degrees, or for changes in course prerequisites. Credit by examination may be sought, subject to approval through normal channels.

Detailed information is available from the director of the program, Room 104, DeBartolo Hall or on the web at ICP.

Interdisciplinary Programs

The University offers a number of interdisciplinary programs. More information on these programs may be found in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences section of the catalog:

  •  Africana Studies
  •  American Studies
  •  Global Education
  •  Judaic and Holocaust Studies
  •  Islamic Studies
  •  Peace and Conflict Studies
  •  Women's Studies
  •  Working-Class Studies

International Programs Office (IPO)

The IPO is an integral part of the Division of Academic Affairs and is responsible for coordinating the international dimensions of the university, including international student and faculty services, study abroad and exchange programs, and servicing the English Language Institute (ELI).

For more information on International Student Services, see International Programs Office under Student Services; for more information about international student admission, see International Applicants.

Study Abroad

Youngstown State University encourages students to engage in international study as part of their YSU education. Credits earned through study abroad at post-secondary institutions overseas must be approved in advance through the IPO in consultation with academic colleges and departments. Students studying abroad through YSU-affiliated programs and institutions with the requisite amount of credits maintain full-time status at YSU and remain eligible for state, federal, and institutional financial aid. Credits earned by foreign study through YSU-approved study-abroad programs are treated as transfer credit and therefore are not computed into the student's grade point average. Students must be in good academic standing and meet the GPA requirements of both YSU and the host program in order to be approved to study abroad.

Scholarships for Study Abroad

Most YSU tuition scholarships apply to study-abroad programs. The IPO also coordinates advising for the Fulbright, Gilman, Freeman-Asia, National Security Education Program (NSEP), and Rhodes Scholarships.

Study-Abroad Programs

International Exchange Programs

YSU students pay tuition and fees at YSU and exchange places with students from the overseas institution for one or two semesters. YSU maintains reciprocal exchange agreements with the University of Jyväskylä in Finland, Fontys University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, Sejong University in South Korea, and Lunghwa University of Science and Technology in Taiwan. All programs offer coursework in English.

Affiliated Programs

Youngstown State University is a member of the Ohio International Consortium (OIC). This membership provides YSU students with access to OIC scholarships and study-abroad opportunities. YSU maintains affiliation agreements with other high-quality study-abroad organizations, including University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC), the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS), Cultural Experiences Abroad (CEA), and International Studies Abroad (ISA).

Faculty-Led study abroad Courses

The IPO works with YSU faculty who teach YSU international field study courses, which are YSU courses that incorporate an international component, usually one to four weeks in length. Recent YSU faculty-led study abroad programs have been conducted in the Bahamas, China, England, France, Mexico, Italy, South Africa, and South Korea. YSU credit is also available for an intensive Italian language program offered in the summer in Italy during select years.

The English Language Institute

The English Language Institute (ELI) at YSU was established through the IPO and the Department of English to provide intensive study of English to speakers of other languages. It offers non-degree credit courses designed to teach English to students who already have some knowledge of English. In addition, the ELI provides an orientation to college life and culture in the United States. Courses are available both to international students and to immigrants.

The ELI welcomes all students, as well as professionals, who wish to increase their English language proficiency. The ELI prepares students for academic study in American universities, using the following curriculum:

  • Five levels (Introductory, Beginning, Intermediate, High Intermediate, and Advanced) covering Grammar, Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking
  • TOEFL Preparation for a total of 20 hours per week.
  • There are two seven-week modules per semester (fall and spring) and one eight-week summer session.

ELI admission is through the CISP. Students must be at least 17 years old or have completed high school. For an application and more information about the ELI, visit the ELI website.

Off-site Degree Programs

Allied Health and Public Health

The University offers baccalaureate degree-completion programs in allied health and in public health on the campus of Lorain County Community College (LCCC). Allied health is also offered at Cuyahoga Community College (CCC) and Lakeland Community College (LCC). Students in these programs are registered at Youngstown State University and attend classes online or at the LCCC, CCC, or LCC campuses. Courses are taught by YSU faculty members via online (web-based delivery). LCCC, CCC, and LCC provide support  services and access to facilities, such as computer labs and the library, including Ohio LINK online research services. Students are advised by YSU faculty members or a YSU academic advisor. Faculty members may hold office hours at the off-site campus, online, or through video conferencing systems. Students communicate with faculty members using a variety of methods including online discussions, e-mail, video conferencing, phone, and face-to-face meetings.

Criminal Justice

Youngstown State University offers a baccalaureate degree-completion program in criminal justice on the campuses of Lorain County Community College (LCCC) and Lakeland Community College (LCC). Students in this program are registered at YSU and attend classes at the LCCC or LCC. Courses are taught by YSU faculty members, using interactive video conferencing systems. LCCC and LCC campuses provide support services and access to facilities, such as computer labs and the library, including Ohio LINK online research services. Students are advised by a YSU academic advisor. Faculty members may hold office hours online, by phone, or through video conferencing systems. Students communicate with faculty members using a variety of methods including online discussions, e-mail, video conferencing, phone, and face-to-face meetings.

Social Work

YSU offers Bachelor of Social Work degree completion programs at the following off-campus sites:

  •  Lakeland Community College (Kirtland, Ohio)
  •  Loraine Community College (Elyria, Ohio)

Students in these programs take course work at the host community college and combine credits earned with YSU social work courses taught on the site of the respective community college to fulfill requirements for the BSW degree. All YSU instruction is provided by YSU faculty members through face-to-face meetings, telephone, or video conferencing. Students have access to Ohio LINK online research services and student support available on the community college campus.

Electric Utility Technology, Power Plant Option

Youngstown State University offers an Associate of Technical Studies degree in electric utility technology, power plant option (EUT/PPT). Students interested in enrolling in the program are encouraged to contact Dan Coyne at or (330) 941-1743.

Office of College Access and Transition

The Office of College Access and Transition (OCAT), working in partnership with University colleges and departments, school districts, employers, and community and government agencies, offers opportunities for a variety of populations to obtain college credit and degrees. The department designs programs to deliver college-credit coursework to high school students, and support degree achievement for students of color and those that are first generation.

In addition to College Credit Plus and College Tech Prep (see above for information on both), OCAT also offers:

the learning community

This program is designed by and for first-generation college students. The Learning Community provides a supportive college experience that helps students achieve college-level performance and build the resources needed to complete their goals. Students take classes in cohort groups with other students in similar majors, which helps them make friends and learn to navigate campus more quickly. Academic couches visit class periodically with relevant information.