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CHFM 1514    Introduction to Early Childhood Education    3 s.h.

Historical and theoretical foundations of early childhood education; overview of early childhood environments, relationships with children and families, and curricular issues. Three (3) hours lecture per week and 15 hours of field observations per semester.

CHFM 1530    Infants and Toddlers: Development and Care    3 s.h.

Infant and toddler development and the design of developmentally appropriate curriculum and caregiving environments for children conception to age three. Emphasis on the caregiver-child relationship. Learning will occur through observation, reflection, classroom discussions, focused reading, and practice in infant/toddler settings. Two hours lecture and three hours guided practice.

CHFM 2633    Early Childhood: Integrating Development and Education    3 s.h.

Knowledge and skills to plan curriculum and organize learning environments that are developmentally appropriate and responsive to the needs of a diverse population of children ages three to eight. Includes 10 hours of field experience.
Prereq.: ENGL 1550.

CHFM 2650    Introduction to Assessment of Young Children    3 s.h.

Principles of conducting developmentally appropriate assessments of behavior and development of young children; assessment purposes, strategies, and appropriate use of assessment information. Includes five hours of field experience.
Prereq.: Minimum grade of "C" in CHFM 2633 or PSYC 3755.

CHFM 2664    Managing Classroom Behavior and Staff Relationships in Early Childhood Settings    3 s.h.

Principles of effective classroom management in the early childhood classroom; emphasis on positive guidance strategies, the influence of the classroom environment on children's behavior, and establishing a collaborative professional team. Includes 10 hours of field/clinical experience.
Prereq.: Minimum grade of "C" in CHFM 1514 and minimum grade of "C" in CHFM 2633.

CHFM 2675    Integrated Curriculum for Prekindergarten    3 s.h.

Teaching techniques used to implement an integrated early childhood curriculum in the prekindergarten classroom with emphasis on the communication curriculum (language, literacy, and literature) and the inquiry curriculum (math, science, and social studies). Includes 10 hours of field experience.
Prereq.: Minimum grade of "C" in CHFM 1514 and minimum grade of "C" in CHFM 2633.

CHFM 3718    Family Law    3 s.h.

Fundamental elements of family law, including premarital contracts, traditional and nontraditional marriages and families, procreation rights, legitimacy and paternity, adoption, divorce and separation, property division and support, custody and termination of parental rights, juvenile law, intra-family tort liability and domestic violence.
Prereq.: SOC 1500.
Cross-listed: CJFS 3718.

CHFM 3731    Individual and Family Development    3 s.h.

The family ecosystems, dynamics, and roles throughout the life span, and the impact of heritage and culture on family systems worldwide.
Prereq.: PSYC 1560, FNUT 1551.

CHFM 3733L    Practicum Preprimary Settings    3 s.h.

Includes field placement in a preschool or kindergarten setting. Observe, plan, and implement developmentally appropriate activities for children ages three to eight years. Six hours practicum experience per week. One hour seminar per week.
Prereq.: CHFM 2633.

CHFM 3750    Parent and Professional Relationships    3 s.h.

Strategies for building working relationships with parents of young children and other professionals in early childhood education. Ten hours field/clinical experience.
Prereq.: Minimum grade of "C" in CHFM 2633 or PSYC 3755.

CHFM 3755    Parenting    3 s.h.

An examination of parent-child relationships from both a developmental and contextual perspective. Topics include parenting patterns and strategies, parent-child relations as a function of development, and the role of culture and context in the negotiation of roles in parent-child interactions.
Prereq.: PSYC 1560 and SOC 1500.

CHFM 3770    Wellness During the Early Childhood Years    3 s.h.

Principles of maintaining physically and psychologically safe and healthy learning environments for children; includes nutrition, safety in the classroom, stress and mental health issues, and community resources.
Prereq.: Minimum grade of "C" in CHFM 1514 or ECE 2629 or CHFM 3731.

CHFM 3790    Directed Practice in PreK Education    4 s.h.

A culminating practicum for the PreK associate degree candidates designed to provide teaching experiences with children in the early childhood years. Students will apply developmental theories and appropriate practices in settings for young children. 300 hours of field work.
Prereq.: CHFM 1514, CHFM 3733L.
Coreq.: CHFM 3790S.

CHFM 3790S    Directed Practice Seminar    2 s.h.

Discussion of practicum experiences in assigned preschool classrooms with a focus on developmentally appropriate practices, reflective teaching, and professionalism in early childhood education. Corequisite CHFM 3790.
Prereq.: CHFM 1514, CHFM 3733L.

CHFM 4859    Methods and Materials in Early Childhood Settings    3 s.h.

Methods and techniques used to implement an integrated early childhood curriculum with emphasis on social, emotional, and physical development and concept formation of young children ages 3 to 8.
Prereq.: ECE 2630, CHFM 3790.

CHFM 5860    Coordination and Evaluation of Early Childhood Programs    3 s.h.

Administration, organization, and operation of early childhood programs, including legal and ethical guidelines, managing resources, program development and evaluation, advocacy, and public policy in early childhood education. Includes ten hours field/clinical experience.
Prereq.: Minimum grade of "C" in CHFM 3733L.