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CIS 3714    Assembly Language and Architecture    3 s.h.

Fundamentals of computer architecture and organization. Forms of data representation. Assembly language and machine language programming. The assembly process. Methods and protocols for subroutine linkage.
Prereq.: CSIS 2605 or CSIS 2610.

CIS 3718    Operating Systems Concepts    3 s.h.

Concepts of computer operating systems, including memory allocation, job scheduling, process communication, and input/output processing. Examinations of operating systems on several platforms.
Prereq.: CSIS 2605 or CSIS 2610.

CIS 3735    UNIX Environment    3 s.h.

Use of the UNIX operating system or similar systems, including file management utilities, editors, compilers, and communication utilities. A comprehensive examination of programming in various shells such as Bourne, C, and Korn.
Prereq.: CSIS 2605 or CSIS 2610.

CIS 4840    Business System Analysis and Design    4 s.h.

Development of communication and written skills for the analysis and design of business systems. Utilization of project management techniques for design, development, and maintenance of a departmental level system.
Prereq.: CSIS 3722, CSIS 3723, and 3 additional s.h. of upper-division departmental courses.
Gen Ed: Capstone.