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WMST 2601    Introduction to Women's Studies    3 s.h.

Introduces key concepts, theoretical frameworks, and interdisciplinary research drawn from current scholarship about women. Concentrates on major issues relevant to the status and roles of contemporary women, including examination of effects of sexism, racism, ethnicity, and class distinction.
Gen Ed: Domestic Diversity, Social Science, Social and Personal Awareness.

WMST 2650    LGBTQ Issues in History and Popular Culture    3 s.h.

Explores the historical and present day representation of LGBT issues and individuals and their portrayal in popular culture.
Cross-listed: TCED 2650.
Gen Ed: Domestic Diversity, Social and Personal Awareness.

WMST 3747    Sociology of Sexuality    3 s.h.

Examines sexuality and how it is perceived, defined, and experienced in the context of society. Sexuality is studied as subject to social norms, attitudes, and beliefs through public and private policies, practices, and institutions. Explores how the social construction of sexuality influences both sexual and non-sexual relationships.
Prereq.: 3 semester hours in Sociology.

WMST 3750    Special Topics in Women's Studies    3 s.h.

May be repeated for a maximum of 6 s.h. with different topics.
Prereq.: WMST 2601; or ENGL 1551 and permission of director.

WMST 4850    Senior Research Project    1-3 s.h.

Research and writing of a paper on a topic in women's studies, under the supervision of full-time faculty. Grading is Traditional/PR.
Prereq.: Senior standing, completion of 15 s.h. in Women's Studies, and permission of program director.