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The Health Informatics was designed  for students in the Computer Science Information Systems (CSIS) interested in  working in Health Care to earn a certification credential which will help them gain employment in the Health Care field which has undergone a significant advancement in recent years in the area of Health Information Systems. MHHS students will also have an opportunity to receive additional training in Computer Science Information Systems leading to a Health Informatics Certificate in addition to their MHHS Degree.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the MHHS program.

Certificate Requirements

Complete 3 sememsters of the following:3
Community Health Practice
Health Behavior
Health Services Issues
Health Care Reform
Complete 9 semester hours of the following:9
Health Informatics
Theory and Practice of Information Systems
Clinical Informatics
Health Care System Analysis
Data Warehousing and Data Mining
The Impact of Health Informatics on the Quality of Health Care Service
Complete 6 semester hours of the following:6
Special Topics
Planning and Fiscal Management
Program Planning and Evaluation
Principles of Computer Programming
Cloud Computing and Big Data

Learning Objectives

  1. To prepare future health informatics leaders who understand the complex interplay among the health informatics stakeholder communities,
  2. To enhance the ability to use the inter-relationships among health information technology, the healthcare delivery and regulatory processes, and information management,\
  3. To grow a set of leadership behaviors that emphasizes professional competence, moral and ethical performance,
  4. To demonstrate professional and technical competence in health informatics,
  5. To instill a dedication to the use of technology for the benefit of humanity,
  6. To create a sensitivity to the impact that the use of technology has on the person, and
  7. To build a desire for life-long professional learning and development in health informatics.