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Academic Grievances

The Student Academic Grievance Procedure provides students with a formal channel through which complaints concerning academic matters may be heard. A student must attempt to resolve the complaint by first discussing the issue with the faculty member. If the complaint is not resolved at that level, the student should direct his or her complaint to the department chair and, if the complaint is still not resolved, then to the dean of the college.

Complaints not resolved following a discussion with the dean will be considered by an associate provost or designee, who will serve as Judicial Chair. Upon his or her review, the Judicial Chair determines whether the complaint is grievable. If the complaint is grievable, it is presented to the Student Academic Grievance Subcommittee. Per the YSU-OEA Agreement, Article 20, academic matters that may be grieved are the following:

  • Material deviation from the grading scale or weight distribution indicated on the course syllabus by the faculty member, to the detriment of the individual student or the entire class.
  • Material deviation of faculty contractual obligations as specified in the article on Teaching Rights and Responsibilities in the Faculty Collective Bargaining Agreement, to the detriment of the individual student or the entire class.

Other areas of contention between a student and a faculty member may not be grieved under this section. The student should contact the department chair of the faculty member's department or the dean of the college housing the faculty member's department for further advisement in these situations.

Students wishing to file a grievance should contact the administrative assistant in the Office of Academic Affairs for an appropriate referral.  Click on A Brief Guide to Student Academic Grievances for further information on this process.

A digital copy of Student Academic Grievance Form is available for download or you can use the electronic submission form. An electronic copy of the Student Academic Grievance Procedure is also available.

A student checklist and hearing advisor guidelines are also available.