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BUS 1500    Exploring Business    3 s.h.

Introduction to the world of business with a focus on various functional areas and career opportunities. Development of the requirements of the business professional including team work, information gathering and communication skills.
Prereq.: English placement into ENGL 1549, ENGL 1550, ENGL 1550H, ENGL 1551 or ENGL 1551H.

BUS 2600    Business Applications of Microsoft Excel    3 s.h.

Students will then be taught Excel business applications with an emphasis on analysis and presentation of data. All students are expected to learn the necessary skills needed to pass the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification. Prereq. or.
Coreq.: BUS 1500/1500H.

BUS 3700    Business Analytics    3 s.h.

Business analytics involves the acquisition, evaluation, and analysis of information for decision-making. This course introduces students to the application of business statistics enabling evidence-based decision-making and problem solving and will cover the four areas of analytics. These are: 1) descriptive (what happened?); 2) diagnostic (why did it happen?); 3) predictive (what will happen and is there a pattern?); and prescriptive (how can we make it happen?). Prereq. BUS 2600 or ACCT 2603L; and ECON 3788 and 2.5 gpa.

BUS 3715    Principles of International Business    3 s.h.

Study of international business environment and the factors affecting the international operations of firms. Students will develop an understanding of global business opportunities, responsive strategies, and operations; apply course concepts/theories to current issues in international business, and develop an understanding of the complexities of managing cross-national cultural differences.
Prereq.: BUS 1500 (C) OR BUS 1500H (C), 2.5 GPA, Junior Standing.

BUS 3720    Nonprofit Leadership    3 s.h.

The roles of nonprofit organizations in meeting human needs through philanthropy and focus on mission. Understanding of board development, fundraising, management, programming, and careers in nonprofit organizations.
Prereq.: ENGL 1551, junior standing, GPA: 2.5.

BUS 3740    Nonprofit Community Service 1    1 s.h.

Interactive environment where students complete projects with nonprofit organizations. Students participate in site visits, professional development events, a regional case study exercise, and planning fundraising, recruitment, and community service events.
Prereq.: ENGL 1551, junior standing, GPA 2.5.

BUS 3741    Nonprofit Community Service 2    1 s.h.

A continuation of BUS 3740, Nonprofit Community Service 1. An interactive environment where students complete projects with nonprofit organizations.
Prereq.: ENGL 1551, BUS 3740, junior standing, GPA 2.5.

BUS 3780    Financial Management and Fundraising for Nonprofit Organizations    3 s.h.

Fiscal, budgetary, development and fundraising aspects of nonprofit organizations. Discussion, analysis, implementation of financing, budgeting, development, and fundraising theories and techniques applicable to planning, operating, and developing nonprofit organizations.
Prereq.: ENGL 1551, junior standing, GPA: 2.5.

BUS 4840    Nonprofit Leadership Internship    3 s.h.

Students work in a nonprofit organization for 225 hours to achieve goals agreed upon by the student and organization.
Prereq.: Approval of Director, Center for Nonprofit Leadership; 2.5 gpa; taken in conjunction with BUS 4841; Junior Standing and declared major.
Coreq.: BUS 4841.

BUS 4841    Nonprofit Leadership Seminar    1 s.h.

Open to all students with an internship in a nonprofit organization. The course must be taken in conjunction with the internship required of the Nonprofit Leadership Minor.
Prereq.: Approval of Director; 2.5 gpa; Taken in conjunction with BUS 4840.

BUS 4860    International Business Internship    3 s.h.

The student is given the opportunity to relate theory to practice in a career related on-site field experience with a participating organization.
Prereq.: 9 hours of upper division business courses.

BUS 4875    International Business Field Study Tour    1-3 s.h.

The student will gain an understanding of the distinctive nature of the business environment in a foreign country. The student will gain insight into the strategic and operating issues that are unique to that country and geographic region.
Prereq.: MKTG 3703, FIN 3720, and MGT 3725.

BUS 4881    Special Topics in Business    1-4 s.h.

Subject matter, credit hours and specific prerequisites to be announced in advance of each offering.
Prereq.: Permission of instructor; Junior standing, 2.5 GPA.

BUS 4888    The International Business Consulting Practicum    3 s.h.

Course will provide hands-on consulting experience to undergraduate business majors. Students will work with businesses in the region to carry-out projects related to international expansion plans.
Prereq.: Permission of instructor; Junior standing, 2.5 GPA.

BUS 6920    Global Business Environment    3 s.h.

The environments and operating issues affecting firms doing business in the global arena. Economic, cultural, political, legal, and competitive environments are covered, along with the global management of functional areas including finance, marketing, operations, and human resources.h.
Prereq.: Completion of all level I MBA coursework, MGT 6921, MKTG 6942, FIN 6921.
Cross listed with FIN 6920 and MKTG 6920 3 s.

BUS 6940    Data Analytics and Data Management    3 s.h.

Course emphasis is on knowledge and skills required by accountants and managers to collect, manage, analyze extremely large volumes of data in various formats from numerous sources. Focus will be given to results that management of data brings to an organization. It will cover a broad spectrum of topics chosen from the following: predictive analytics, enterprise architecture, security, knowledge through data discovery, data visualization, ethics data quality, advanced data modeling. It will include hands-on use of available software found in industry practices, with an emphasis on spreadsheets.