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FNUT 1512    Food Safety and Sanitation    1 s.h.

Safe food handling and sanitation practices for students desiring to be employed in the food service industry. Upon successfully completing the ServSafe exam, the student will be awarded the ServSafe Certification and the Ohio Department of Health Food Protection Certification.

FNUT 1543    Personal Nutrition    1 s.h.

Basic normal nutrition adaptable to individual lifestyles throughout the lifespan. Emphasis on valid nutrition information, wellness, and healthful food choices. Not applicable to the food and nutrition major.

FNUT 1551    Normal Nutrition    3 s.h.

The fundamentals of normal nutrition as they apply to health; nutritional needs during various stages of the life cycle; dietary guides and their application to the selection of adequate diets; problems of nutritional deficiencies and excesses.
Prereq.: CHEM 1500 or high school equivalent.
Gen Ed: Well Being, Social and Personal Awareness.

FNUT 1553    Food Science and Management Principles    3 s.h.

Scientific principles and methods used in selecting, purchasing, and preparing food. Consideration given to nutritional, aesthetic, and socioeconomic factors in meal planning.

FNUT 1553L    Food Science and Management Principles Laboratory    1 s.h.

Application of principles from FNUT 1553. Three hours lab per week.
Prereq.: FNUT 1553 or concurrent.

FNUT 2600    Orientation to Dietetics Major    1 s.h.

Introduction to the dietetics profession for Food and Nutrition majors. Exploration of the academic and professional requirements for successful entry level practice in Dietetics careers.
Prereq.: ENGL 1550, FNUT 1551, 2.5 GPA.

FNUT 2603    Medical Nutrition Therapy 1    3 s.h.

Principles and methods of diet modifications for common diseases; planning and evaluation of modified diets; application of computers for diet analysis. Must be taken concurrently with FNUT 2603L.
Prereq.: FNUT 1551, and BIOL 1552L or concurrent.

FNUT 2603L    Medical Nutrition Therapy 1 Lab    1 s.h.

Application of basic principles of medical nutrition therapy; nutritional assessment; diet calculations. Three hours lab per week.
Concurrent with: FNUT 2603.

FNUT 2610    Organization and Management    3 s.h.

Concepts of organization and management related to hospitality/health care; selecting, training, developing, and supervising for the advancement of personnel. Emphasis on labor-management relations and legal aspects of the management-guest relationship with particular attention to personal and property liability.

FNUT 2612    Food Systems: Operation, Production, and Service    3 s.h.

The fundamentals of food service operations including menu planning, purchasing of foods and equipment, care of foods and equipment, efficient work methods, budget and cost control. Also standard principles, techniques in quantity food production, management, and service.
Prereq.: FNUT 1553 and FNUT 1553L.

FNUT 2612L    Food Systems: Operations, Production, and Service Laboratory    2 s.h.

Application of the fundamentals of food systems operations, management, and service. Six hours lab per week.
Prereq.: FNUT 1553 and FNUT 1553L.
Concurrent with: FNUT 2612.

FNUT 2652L    Nutrition Assessment Laboratory    1 s.h.

Procedures and techniques in anthropometric, biochemical, clinical and dietary assessment of nutritional status in healthy and at-risk populations. Three hours lab per week.
Prereq.: FNUT 1551.

FNUT 3720    Nutrition, Health, and Aging    3 s.h.

Current knowledge of nutrition as it relates to overall health and human aging. Needs of the elderly in normal and diseased conditions. Nutritional needs/concerns of the elderly in the contexts of their physiological, social, and psychological dilemmas.
Prereq.: SOC 1500.

FNUT 3735    Nutritional Biochemistry    2 s.h.

Designed for nutrition majors, covers the basic concepts of classification, structure, and function of biological molecules, major metabolic pathways, heredity and immune function, with emphasis on the understanding of the metabolism and function of nutrients.
Prereq.: CHEM 1506, CHEM 1506L or CHEM 1516.

FNUT 3759    Advanced Nutrition    3 s.h.

Integrated approach to nutrition and health, emphasizing metabolism and functions of nutrients at the cellular level; nutritional needs for optimal health; problems of over nutrition and under nutrition.
Prereq.: FNUT 1551, BIOL 1552, BIOL 1552L, FNUT 3735.

FNUT 3760    Medical Nutrition Therapy 2    3 s.h.

The nature and etiology of diseases and the relationship of diet to good health and to disease processes; the special dietary needs of abnormal conditions.
Prereq.: FNUT 2603, FNUT 3759 or concurrent.

FNUT 3760L    Medical Nutrition Therapy 2 Laboratory    3 s.h.

Orientation to the dietetics profession. Select clinical experiences providing opportunities for developing an understanding and working knowledge of the nutrition care process and its application to individuals exhibiting special nutritional needs. Six hours lab. Restricted course.
Prereq.: FNUT 2603L.
Coreq.: FNUT 3760 and FNUT 3760R.

FNUT 3760R    Medical Nutrition Therapy 2 Laboratory Recitation    2 s.h.

Orientation to the dietetic profession. Lecture to further students' understanding and working knowledge of the nutrition care process and its application to individuals exhibiting special nutritional needs. Restricted course.
Concurrent with: FNUT 3760 and FNUT 3760L.

FNUT 3761    Science of Nutrition in Exercise    3 s.h.

Advanced study of concepts related to the integration of nutrition and physical activity in athletic as well as normal and diseased populations. Emphasis on substrate utilization and modification, and nutrient/ergogenic supplementation and crash diets.
Prereq.: FNUT 1551, FNUT 3735.

FNUT 4802    Research Methods in Dietetics    2 s.h.

Overview of research methodology, statistics and applications in the field of nutrition and dietetics.
Prereq.: MATH 2623 or MATH 2625 and junior standing.

FNUT 4802L    Research Methods in Dietetics Laboratory    1 s.h.

Application of basic concepts of research methodology and statistics to dietetic practice. Three hours lab per week. Permit required.
Prereq.: FNUT 4802.
Concurrent with: FNUT 4802.

FNUT 4810    Experimental Foods    2 s.h.

Advanced study of food science and technology; methodology of food research including evaluation by sensory and objective methods.
Prereq.: FNUT 1553 and FNUT 1553L, junior standing.

FNUT 4810L    Experimental Foods Laboratory    1 s.h.

Application of scientific principles and experimental procedures to cooking processes. Three hours lab per week. Permit required.
Concurrent with: FNUT 4810.

FNUT 4858    Food Service Systems Management    4 s.h.

Advanced food service systems management principles and processes as they relate to resources and operating subsystems. Focus on subsystem interrelationships.
Prereq.: FNUT 2612, junior standing.

FNUT 4858L    Food Systems Management Laboratory    3 s.h.

Application of the management process to institutional food service systems. Thirteen hours supervised practice, one hour lecture per week.
Prereq.: Restricted to Coordinated Program in Dietetics.

FNUT 4860    Medical Nutrition Therapy 3    3 s.h.

The nature and etiology of selected disease conditions with focus on solving dietetic problems accompanying them.
Prereq.: FNUT 3760.

FNUT 4860L    Medical Nutrition Therapy 3 Lab    3 s.h.

Selected clinical experience providing opportunities for application of nutritional care process to individuals exhibiting special nutritional needs. Twelve hours lab, one hour lecture per week. Restricted to Coordinated Program in Dietetics.

FNUT 4872    Maternal and Child Nutrition    2 s.h.

Principles of the nutritional care process as it relates to the maternal and pediatric population.
Prereq.: CHFM 3731 or special approval.

FNUT 4872L    Maternal and Child Nutrition Laboratory    2 s.h.

Selected clinical experiences providing opportunities for application of nutritional care process to maternal and child population. Four hours clinical experience, one hour lecture per week. Restricted to Coordinated Program in Dietetics.
Concurrent with: FNUT 4872.

FNUT 4873    Nutrition and Aging    2 s.h.

Nutritional needs of the elderly as influenced by the aging process and disease states; factors affecting the food availability, food intake, and nutritional status of the elderly; nutritional services for the elderly.
Prereq.: FNUT 3760 or concurrent.

FNUT 4873L    Nutrition and Aging Laboratory    3 s.h.

Supervised practice experiences providing opportunities for application of the dietetic process in the extended care setting. One hour lecture, 12 hours clinical experience per week.
Prereq.: FNUT 4873 or concurrent and restricted to Coordinated Program in Dietetics.

FNUT 4874    Community Nutrition and Wellness    3 s.h.

Public health nutrition and wellness programs and their services to the community. Emphasis on program funding, cultural competence and needs of the underserved and elderly.
Prereq.: FNUT 3760.

FNUT 4874L    Community Nutrition and Wellness Experience    3 s.h.

Selected clinical experiences providing opportunities for application of the nutrition care process and wellness education to individuals and groups in the community setting. This includes one hour of lecture and 7 hours of clinical experience per week for 105 total hours of clinical experience.
Prereq.: Restricted to students in the Dietetics Future Model (MPH-RDN).

FNUT 4885    Practicum in Dietetics    4 s.h.

Supervised practice providing opportunities to integrate application and management of medical nutrition therapy into professional practice. Fifteen lecture hours and 280 clinical experience hours. Restricted to Coordinated Program in Dietetics.
Prereq.: FNUT 4858L, FNUT 4860L.
Gen Ed: Capstone.

FNUT 4895    DPD Capstone    3 s.h.

Application of dietetics principles learned in the classroom to situations in clinical, food service-management, and community settings. Provides opportunities for communication with diverse groups, critical thinking, and problem solving. Emphasis on case-study presentations of current issues and trends in the field. One (1) hour lecture and six (6) hours of laboratory per week.
Prereq.: FNUT 4858, FNUT 4860, FNUT 4874 or concurrent, and HMEC 4890 or concurrent.
Gen Ed: Capstone.

FNUT 5825    Current Nutrition Concepts    3 s.h.

Readings and critical appraisal of research literature in nutrition.
Prereq.: FNUT 3759, CHEM 3705.

FNUT 5862    Food and Culture    2 s.h.

Food practices of selected world cultures. Evaluation of these practices in meeting dietary needs with consideration of the existing social, economic, and environmental conditions.
Prereq.: CHFM 3731.

FNUT 5862L    Food and Cultures Laboratory    1 s.h.

Three hours lab per week. Permit required.
Concurrent with: FNUT 5862.

FNUT 6901    Advanced Nutrition Assessment    3 s.h.

Advanced techniques for screening and assessment of nutritional status of individuals and groups, including computational analysis of dietary intake analysis, anthropometric measures and nutrition-focused physical assessment, biochemical measures and assessment of Pharmacotherapy in context of nutritional status.h.
Prereq.: 3 s.

FNUT 6972    Maternal and Child Nutrition Clinical    3 s.h.

Selected supervised experiential learning providing opportunities for application of the nutritional care process to the maternal and child population. One hour discussion weekly and eight hours of supervised experiential learning for a total of 60 hours.
Prereq.: FNUT 4872.

FNUT 6973    Nutrition and Aging Clinical    3 s.h.

One hour of discussion and twelve hours (12) of supervised experiential learning weekly.
Prereq.: FNUT 4873.