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Choose One of the Following The courses in this list all have some form of prerequisite requirement. These are listed below the curriculum sheet. Because of this the total number of hours in this minor will exceed that listed on the requirement sheet.3-4
Statistics for Business and Economics 1
Social Statistics
Social Statistics
Social Statistics
Engineering Statistics
Statistics for Psychology
Statistical Methods
Probability and Statistics
Honors Biostatistics
DATX Minor Required Courses
DATX 5801Data Management3
DATX 5803Data Visualization3
DATX 5805Predictive Modeling Algorithms3
DATX 5896Data Analytics Project3
or STEM 3790 STEM Internship Experience
Upper Division Elective - Choose One3
Applied Time Series Analysis of Economic and Business Data
SAS Programming for Data Analysis
Applied Statistics
SAS Programming for Data Analytics
Statistical Data Mining
Applied Regression Time Series
Design of Experiments
Bayesian Statistics
Statistical Computing
Statistical Consulting
Total Semester Hours18-19


Econ 3788 (Prereq Math 1510), Econ 3790 (Prereq Math 1552), Soc/Anth 3701 (Prereq Soc 1500, Engl 1551), CJFS 3710, ISEN 3710 (Prereq Math 1571), Psyc 2618 (Prereq Psyc 2617 or consent), Stat 3717, Stat 3743, Stat 3781H (Prereq: Calc I or II)

DATX 5801, 5803, 5805, 5896

Upper-level elective chosen from Bio 5853, Econ 5824, Econ 5861, Stat 5811, Psyc 3724, Stat 4817, Stat 5814, Stat 4848, Stat 4849, Stat 5849, Stat 5819, Stat 5840, Stat 5857