Students interested in developing mass communication skills should consider the telecommunication studies minor. The minor focuses on different areas of mass media studies and will help students develop an introductory skill set that would serve as a complementary minor to many different majors. These skills are in high demand by employers and recruiters in a variety of fields. To complete the minor in telecommunication studies, a student must successfully complete 20 s.h. in:

TCOM 1580Introduction to Telecommunication Studies3
TCOM 1581Telecommunication Technologies2
TCOM 2682Scriptwriting for Electronic Media3
TCOM 2683Media Operations and Performance3
Select three of the following:9
Telecommunications Regulation
Electronic Media Content Strategies
Electronic Media Sales and Promotion
Telecommunication Management
Developments in Telecommunication Media
Audience and Market Measure
Theories and Criticisms of Telecommunication
Total Semester Hours20