A major in anthropology can take several directions. As the study of humankind, a background in anthropology can be immediately useful in many careers such as business, government, law, elementary and secondary education, urban affairs, administration, and industry (http://www.americananthro.org/AdvanceYourCareer/Content.aspx?ItemNumber=1783). Others can use the bachelor's degree as a first step in acquiring an advanced degree and ultimately teaching and doing research at the college or university level. 


Internships are uncommon in Anthropology. However, fieldwork and other hands-on opportunities are available to all Anthropology majors. Anthropology majors may have the opportunity to apply their knowledge during an internship at the Mahoning County Coroner's Office or through fieldwork and laboratory analyses locally, in Guatemala, in the Bahamas,  and elsewhere.

To earn the BA degree the student must satisfy all the degree requirements in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and take 40 semester hours of courses from the Anthropology curriculum. Required courses are:

YSU 1500Success Seminar1-2
or SS 1500 Strong Start Success Seminar
or HONR 1500 Intro to Honors
General Education Requirements
ENGL 1550Writing 13-4
or ENGL 1549 Writing 1 with Support
ENGL 1551Writing 23
CMST 1545Communication Foundations3
Mathematics Requirement3
Arts and Humanities (6 s.h.)6
Natural Sciences (2 courses, 1 with lab) (6-7 s.h.)7
Social Science (6 s.h.)
3 s.h. satisfied by ANTH 1500 (required for the major)
Social Science elective3
Social and Personal Awareness (6 s.h.)6
Foreign Language Requirement
FNLG 1550Elementary Foreign Language4
FNLG 2600Intermediate Foreign Language4
Major Requirements
ANTH 1500Introduction to Anthropology3
ANTH 3701Social Statistics4
ANTH 3702Archaeology3
ANTH 3703Biological Anthropology4
ANTH 3705Cultural Anthropology3
ANTH 4801Anthropological Thought3
ANTH 4850Research Methods3
ANTH 4860Senior Thesis 23
Select one area course from each of the three subfields.9
Select two upper-division anthropology electives.6
Minor 18
Electives Must complete a minimum number of electives to meet the 120sh total graduation requirement18
Total Semester Hours120-122

Students are responsible for satisfying all prerequisites and maintaining a “C” or better in all major and minor requirements and cannot take courses on a "CR/NC" basis.

Students wishing to minor in anthropology must complete 18 s.h. in an approved designated minor. Students are responsible for satisfying all prerequisites and maintaining "C" or better in all minor requirements and cannot take courses on a "CR/NC" basis.
Minors in anthropology offered from the department are as follows:

See Minors for course requirements.

*Please see your advisor in order to ensure that you are on track to graduate.

*For General Education electives, be sure that you take two courses from each knowledge domain, including a science lab: 


Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
YSU 1500 Success Seminar 1
ANTH 1500 Introduction to Anthropology (This course fulfills a GER SS requirement) 3
ENGL 1550
Writing 1 1
or Writing 1 with Support
MATH 2623 Quantitative Reasoning 1 3
FNLG 1550 Elementary Foreign Language 1 4
 Semester Hours14-15
ANTH 3705 Cultural Anthropology 3
ENGL 1551 Writing 2 1 3
CMST 1545 Communication Foundations 3
FNLG 2600 Intermediate Foreign Language 1 4
General education elective course 3
 Semester Hours16
Year 2
ANTH 3702 Archaeology 3
ANTH 3703 Biological Anthropology 4
General education elective course 3
General education elective course 3
General education Natural Science w/lab 4
 Semester Hours17
ANTH 26xx/37xx+ Biological ANTH elective 3
General education elective course 3
General education elective course 3
General education elective course 3
Course in Minor 3
 Semester Hours15
Year 3
ANTH 3701 Social Statistics 4
ANTH 37XX+ Archaeology Elective 3
ANTH 37xx+ Cultural Anthropology elective 3
Course in Minor 3
 Semester Hours13
ANTH 4801 Anthropological Thought 3
ANTH 37xx+ Anthropology elective 3
37xx+ Course in Minor 3
37xx+ Course in Minor 3
Elective course 3
 Semester Hours15
Year 4
ANTH 4850 Research Methods 3
ANTH 37XX+ Anthropology Elective 3
37xx+ Course in Minor 3
Elective course 3
Elective course 3
 Semester Hours15
ANTH 4860 Senior Thesis 2 3
ANTH 4800 Undergraduate Research 2
37xx+ Course in Minor 3
37xx+ Upper division elective course 3
Elective course 3
 Semester Hours14
 Total Semester Hours119-120


The department's learning outcomes for anthropology majors are as follows:

  • Students can demonstrate comprehension of the fundamental principles and concepts of the four field holistic approach to anthropology.
  • Students can evaluate anthropological theories and guiding ethics.
  • Students can evaluate the scientific process and research methods. Students can evaluate the importance of past or present cultures, cultural variation, and cultural change in the global context.
  • Students can analyze evolutionary biology using mechanism of evolutionary change.