HEPE 1567    Performance and Analysis of Invasion Games    3 s.h.

Analysis, practice in performance, strategy development, and assessment for invasion games, such as basketball, football, soccer, team handball, rugby, ultimate frisbee, field hockey, floor hockey, and lacrosse. Two hour lecture, two hour lab.
Prereq.: Education major.

HEPE 1573L    Tactical Approach to Teaching Team Sports    1 s.h.

Analysis and practice in performance and strategy development, for teaching team sports using a concept-based model. Two hours lab per week.
Prereq.: Physical Education major.

HEPE 1574    Performance and Analysis of Target and Fielding Games    3 s.h.

Analysis, practice in performing and strategies for teaching and assessing activities such as golf, bowling, softball, cricket and other lifetime activities. Two hour lecture, two hour lab.
Prereq.: Education major.

HEPE 1575    Performance and Analysis of Net and Wall Games    2 s.h.

Analysis and practice in performing and teaching tennis, racquetball, badminton, volleyball and other net/wall games. One hour lecture, two hours lab.
Prereq.: Education major.

HEPE 1577    Performance and Analysis of Aquatic Activities    1 s.h.

Analysis and practice in performing and teaching swimming, diving, water safety skills, and aquatic exercise. Two hours lab.
Prereq.: Physical education major.

HEPE 1579    Rhythmic Movement for Children    1 s.h.

Content and teaching strategies related to rhythmic movement for children grades PreK-4. Rhythmic movement skills and concepts explored to provide successful dance experiences for children. One hour lecture, one hour lab.
Prereq.: Physical education major.

HEPE 2610    Introduction to Outdoor Pursuits    3 s.h.

Introduction to outdoor education including participation in initiatives, cooperative, orienteering, hiking, high and low ropes, and water based outdoor pursuits. Focus on activities to challenge by choice. One hour lecture, two hour lab.

HEPE 2624    Physical Education for Children in Early Childhood Settings    3 s.h.

Principles, methods, materials, and organization of activities for preschool-grade 3 children. Active participation, approximately 15-20 hours field work in area preschools/schools.
Prereq.: 30 hours.

HEPE 2628    Movement for Early Childhood    3 s.h.

Laban's movement approach to teaching fundamental movement patterns, educational dance, gymnastics, games, and creative activities for grades PreK-3. Two hours lecture, two hours lab. Active participation, approximately 15-20 hours field experience.
Prereq.: Physical Education major.

HEPE 2650    Ethics in Sport and Coaching    2 s.h.

An introduction to the study of ethics in sport, specifically exploring ethical issues in relation to coaching students age K-12. The students will develop their knowledge in identifying ethical dilemmas while acquiring skills to enhance their ethical decision making within the coaching environment. The course will provide students with intellectual and interpersonal opportunities to enhance their awareness and understanding of ethical decision making. Students will also be introduced to the requirements set in policies by school districts, athletic conferences, state high school athletic associations, state and federal law and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).
Prereq.: HEPE 2689.

HEPE 2661    Games Analysis    3 s.h.

Analysis, adaptation and creation of games for varying developmental levels and environmental situations in grades 3-12. Large and small group, coeducational, field day events, self-challenging, multicultural activities, and developmentally appropriate lead-up games. Two hours lecture, two hour lab.
Prereq.: 4 s.h. from among HEPE 1567, HEPE 1574, HEPE 1575 and HEPE 1577.

HEPE 2672    Mechanical Principles of Movement    3 s.h.

Knowledge and methods of mechanical concepts as they relate and apply to the structure and function of human movement. Muscular structure and function in relation to physical movement, analysis of fundamental human movements. Includes the physical characteristics of the human body and applicable principles of mechanical physics. Two hours lecture. Two hours lab.
Prereq.: BIOL 1552, BIOL 1552L or BIOL 1545, BIOL 1545L.

HEPE 2689    Scientific Basis of Fitness    3 s.h.

Introduction to components of fitness and their physiological basis. Role of exercise and physical activity in the life of the P-12 learner. Application of training principles and participation in a variety of fitness activities. Introduction to physical fitness assessment. Two hour lecture, two hour lab.
Prereq.: Physical Education major and PHLT 1568.

HEPE 3702    Health Education Theory and Methods    4 s.h.

Overview of health education theory, history, ethics, and methods for the community, school, workplace and health care setting. Provides a foundation in teaching methods. Three hour lecture, two hour lab. Must be taken concurrently with HEPE 3767.
Prereq.: PHLT 1568.

HEPE 3715    Health Education for Middle School    3 s.h.

Comprehensive School Health Education curricula, methods and materials for teaching pre-kindergarten through sixth grade students. Two hour lecture/two hour lab. 3 s.h.
Prereq.: HEPE 3702, BIOL 1545, and upper division status in BCOE.

HEPE 3716    Health Education for High School    3 s.h.

Comprehensive School Health Education curricula, methods and materials for teaching nine through twelfth grade students. Two hour lecture, two hour lab.
Prereq.: HEPE 3702, BIOL 1545 and upper division status in BCOE.

HEPE 3740    Coaching the Young Athlete    3 s.h.

This course will address the pedagogy and practice of coaching sports with emphasis on youth sport development. The course will include coaching techniques, responsibilities, interaction with students and parents, injury prevention and sport psychology utilizing discussion, case method study, and practical application. The intent of the course is to help the student develop a coaching philosophy to positively affect youth sport development.
Prereq.: HEPE 2689.

HEPE 3750    Organization and Management of Sport Programs and Events    2 s.h.

The purpose of the course is to provide students with an understanding of the responsibilities of administrators and coaches involved in K-12 athletics. Content will focus on sport team scheduling, athletic facility requirements, fundraising, budgeting, event planning, career networking/advancement, coaching acquisition and termination, and increasing sport programs of an athletic program. Students will be introduced to the requirements of set policies by the school district, athletic conferences, state athletic associations, state and federal law and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).
Prereq.: Junior standing.

HEPE 3766    Principles and Analysis of Motor Development    3 s.h.

Application of a lifespan motor development approach to critically analyzing movement patterns. Emphasis on motor development beyond biomechanical aspects of movement, and on teaching applications. Two hours lecture, two hours lab.
Prereq.: HEPE 2672.

HEPE 3767    Pedagogy in P-12 Physical Education    3 s.h.

Effective teaching practices and development of skills including classroom management, lesson planning, and selection of appropriate methods of instruction. Liability issues. Clinical experiences (observation and peer teaching). Two hours lecture, two hours lab.
Prereq.: 20 s.h. in major and HEPE 2661, and HEPE 3766.

HEPE 3768    Advocacy and Best Practices in Health and Physical Education    2 s.h.

Emphasizes the advocacy role of the health and physical educator. Includes use of research and best practices documents to advocate for the inclusion of health and physical education for all P-12 learners. One hour lecture, two hour lab.
Prereq.: 20 s.h. in Physical Education major or Health Education major and HEPE 3767.

HEPE 3780    Methods of Teaching Dance    2 s.h.

Rhythm and movement fundamentals and forms: folk, square, social and aerobic. Methods and materials of teaching dance culminating in clinical or field experiences. One hour lecture, two hours lab.
Prereq.: HEPE 3767.

HEPE 4808    Assessment Instruments and Strategies in Health and Physical Education    3 s.h.

Theory, purposes, procedures, uses, and limitations of standards-based assessment for teaching P-12 health and physical education including cognitive, motor, and affective domains. Practical experience in designing and implementing performance-based assessment.
Prereq.: Physical Education and Health Education major and junior standing.

HEPE 4851    Cultural Aspects of Physical Education and Sport    3 s.h.

Survey of major historical, psychosocial developments, and philosophical issues in physical education and sport from ancient times to the present.
Prereq.: Junior standing.

HEPE 4852    Psychosocial Aspects of Physical Education and Sport    2 s.h.

Survey of major psychosocial principles, developments and concerns as they relate to the participant in physical activity and sport.
Prereq.: 20 s.h. in major.

HEPE 4860    Internship for Coaching Education    3 s.h.

The internship will consist of 180-220 field hours. The field experience will be in a youth sport and/or P-12 youth sport program. Examination of issues related to the coaching early childhood, middle childhood, special education, or adolescents/young adults program.
Prereq.: HEPE 3740, HEPE 3750, and HEPE 3767.

HEPE 4876    Teaching of Elementary Physical Education    3 s.h.

Curriculum principles, methods and materials for teaching elementary physical education. Includes development of a portfolio and field work in area schools. Two hours lecture, two hours lab.
Prereq.: HEPE 3767 and UDS COE.

HEPE 4878    Teaching of Middle/Secondary Physical Education    3 s.h.

Curriculum, principles, methods and materials for teaching secondary physical education. Includes the development of a reflective teaching journal and portfolio, and field work in area schools. Two hours lecture, two hours lab.
Prereq.: HEPE 3767.

HEPE 4889    Selected Topics in Health and Physical Education    2 s.h.

In depth study of special topics/subject matter within the field of Physical Education and Health. Topics announced each time the course if offered. May be repeated for maximum of 6 s.h. with change of topic. Two hour lecture.
Prereq.: HEPE 3768, concurrent with HEPE 3702.

HEPE 4895    Introduction to Adapted Physical Education    4 s.h.

Introduction to developmentally appropriate, inclusive physical education for P-12 learners. Emphasis on acquiring a basic understanding of planning, delivering, and assessing appropriate inclusive physical education experiences for all children. Approximately 20 hours of field work. Three hour lecture, two hour lab.
Prereq.: HEPE 3766.

HEPE 4899    Physiological Effects of Exercise on Children and Adolescents    3 s.h.

Examining the body's response to physical activity in relation to the P-12 learner. Study of how physical activity influences the body's systems. Primary focus is application in a physical education setting.
Prereq.: HEPE 3766.

HEPE 6900    Pedagogical Analysis    3 s.h.

Description and analysis of pedagogical theories, models, and practices in physical education with emphasis on teaching methodology, the improvement of teaching skills, and planning for maximum student learning.

HEPE 6901    Sport in Society    3 s.h.

Sport studied as a social system interdependent with culture and society and as a social institution which is related to, or a part of, other basic institutions, such as the family, education, religion, the economy, politics, and the mass media.
Prereq.: HEPE 4851.

HEPE 6903    Curriculum Development    3 s.h.

Progressive development of the physical education curriculum for P-12 based on an analysis of contemporary curriculum theories and models in physical education. Emphasis on program planning and theory to practice.

HEPE 6905    Contemporary Issues in Sport Pedagogy    3 s.h.

A critical investigation and analysis of contemporary sport pedagogy issues, trends, problems, and concerns.

HEPE 6910    Teaching of Motor Skills    3 s.h.

Analysis of research on motor learning and its application to the acquisition, the teaching, and the coaching of movement skills.

HEPE 6920    Mechanical Analysis of Motor Movements    3 s.h.

Scientific basis for teaching correct form for the exact execution of movement skills through the fundamental laws of physics pertaining to motion. Analysis of various motor activities to determine the proper mechanics for obtaining the most effective and efficient results.

HEPE 6945    Technological Integration in Physical Education    2 s.h.

An analysis of the instructional design process and technology integration applied to physical education. Includes step-by-step process of designing, implementing, and evaluating the effectiveness of technological instructions into both existing and new units of instruction.
Prereq.: CSIS 1500 Computer Literacy or equivalent.

HEPE 6955    Physical Activity Principles for Children and Adolescents    3 s.h.

Scientific basis of physical fitness and its physiological basis. The role of health-related and performance-related physical fitness in physical activity and the lifespan. Analysis of acute responses and chronic adaptations of the body to the physiological demands of physical activity. A primary focus of the practical application to the teaching of physical education and sport coaching.
Prereq.: HEPE 4899 or equivalent.