Certificate in TESOL Endorsement

Department of Languages

Dr. Nicole Pettitt, Certificate Director

The Department of English and World Languages offers the Graduate TESOL endorsement. This endorsement is approved by the state of Ohio and is offered online. The endorsement may be added to any teaching license.  This endorsement requires the passage of OAE (Ohio Assessments for Educators) "English to Speakers of Other Languages," with a score of 220 or higher. 

Admission Requirements

Applicants for this graduate endorsement must meet the requirements for admission to the College of Graduate Studies at YSU.

Certificate Requirements

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
ENGL 6956 TESOL Methods 3
ENGL 6958 English Grammar 3
 Semester Hours6
ENGL 6957 TESOL Practicum 3
 Semester Hours3
ENGL 6950 Sociolinguistics 3
ENGL 6951 Language Acquisition 3
ENGL 6954 Language Assessment 3
 Semester Hours9
 Total Semester Hours18

Learning Outcomes

  • Use research into the structure and acquisition of language to support students classified as English Learners (ELs) to develop their language and literacy repertoires and content knowledge. 
  • Use research into the nature of -- and relationships between -- culture, language, and education to construct culturally-sustaining learning environments for students classified as ELs. 
  • Use evidence-based principles and practices to plan, implement and manage standards-based ESOL and content instruction. 
  • Understand assessment issues in TESOL and use standards-based measures with ESOL students. 
  • Use knowledge of TESOL, both past and present, to reflect on and improve professional practices.