Minor in Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC)

The Air Force ROTC program, offered through an agreement with Kent State University, provides professional preparation and leadership training for students considering service as officers in the U.S. Air Force. The program also offers information on Air Force career opportunities and the role of the military in the American society. Scholarships are available to help students complete their bachelor's and/or master's degrees.


There are two primary AFROTC programs under which officer candidates may earn their commissions.

  • The first is a four-year AFROTC program. It includes membership in (and completion of) the General Military Course (GMC), a four-week field training course, and the Professional Officer Course (POC).
  • The second is a two-year program designed for students who have two years of academic work remaining. In the two-year program, students are selected to participate in the POC program and attend a five-week field training course, which includes coursework covered during the freshman and sophomore years.

Both programs result in a commission as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force. A minor in aerospace studies is available in consultation with the academic major advisor and the Aerospace Studies Department.


Courses are normally taken for YSU academic credit as part of the students' electives. Entering freshmen and sophomores may register for aerospace studies courses at the same time, and in the same manner, as they enroll in their other YSU courses. Juniors and seniors wishing to enroll in AFROTC should call the AFROTC Unit Admissions Officer prior to enrollment to discuss the particular requirements. Students enrolled in the program must travel to Kent State University once a week to attend the courses. Arrangements can be made for carpools or pick-up if the students do not have transportation.

The General Military Course

The General Military Course (GMC) is offered in four-sequenced lower-division aerospace studies courses. Each course consists of one hour of academic instruction per week and 15 leadership laboratory contact hours per semester. Non-scholarship membership in the GMC does not confer any military status or commitment upon the students, but affords them the opportunity to learn about the Air Force and its role in the American society. Students who do not want commissions may take the aerospace studies courses for academic credit only. There is no military obligation incurred by enrolling in the GMC.

The Professional Officer  Course

The Professional Officer Course (POC) is a  four-part upper division aerospace studies course. Each course consists of three hours of academic instruction per week and 15 leadership laboratory contact hours per semester. Entrance into POC is limited to qualified students desiring to compete for Air Force commissions. Enrollment in this program is based upon a cumulative grade point average, physical qualifications, and leadership.


Veterans with previous honorable, active U.S. military service who wish to enroll in the POC may be eligible for a waiver of either the GMC or its equivalent as an entrance requirement.

Uniforms  and Textbooks

AFROTC uniforms and textbooks are provided at no charge. Textbooks are returned upon completion of each academic year or upon withdrawal from the course. Uniforms are returned upon completion of the program or withdrawal from the course.

Financial Assistance

Students who demonstrate academic and leadership potential may be selected by the professor of aerospace studies to compete for scholarships. The scholarship award includes tuition, textbook allowance, some course fees, and a monthly tax-free stipend.

Scholarship Statement of Understanding

Air Force ROTC scholarship recipients must meet and maintain certain academic and military retention standards and serve in the active-duty Air Force after graduation.

Contact Information

For further information, contact:

Department of Aerospace Studies
104 Terrace Hall
Kent  State  University
Kent,  Ohio  44242
(330) 672-2182
or e-mail us at: det630@kent.edu.

The curriculum in aerospace studies is divided into two parts:

  • the General Military Course, usually taken during the freshman and sophomore years
  • the Professional Officer Course, normally taken during the junior and senior years (see Overview, above)

Air Force officers are assigned as full-time faculty members and teach all aerospace studies courses. The courses include one hour of academic instruction and a 1½-hour leadership laboratory each week. All courses are taught at the Kent State University main campus in Kent, Ohio. Non-scholarship students incur no military obligation when enrolled in freshman- and sophomore-level courses.

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1
AERO 1501 Heritage and Values 1
AERO 1503 Leadership Laboratory 1
 Semester Hours2
AERO 1502 Heritage and Values 1
AERO 1504 Leadership Laboratory 1
 Semester Hours2
Year 2
AERO 2601 Team and Leadership Fundamentals 1
AERO 2603 Leadership Laboratory 1
 Semester Hours2
AERO 2602 Team and Leadership Fundamentals 1
AERO 2604 Leadership Laboratory 1
 Semester Hours2
Year 3
AERO 3701 Leading People/Effective Communication 3
AERO 3703 Leadership Laboratory 1
 Semester Hours4
AERO 3702 Leading People/Effective Communication 3
AERO 3704 Leadership Laboratory 1
 Semester Hours4
Year 4
AERO 4801 Leading National Security/Leadership Responsibilities 3
AERO 4803 Leadership Laboratory 1
AERO 4802 Leading National Security/Leadership Responsibilities 3
AERO 4804 Leadership Laboratory 1
 Semester Hours8
 Total Semester Hours24