Majors in the Department of English and World Languages share a love of language; they read while waiting for a scheduled appointment and write in a journal or commonplace book; they enjoy word games and puzzles and notice unusual uses of words or phrases and incorrect applications of grammar rules.  They wish to visit places, observe characters, and absorb the language created in all kinds of texts.  The Department of English and World Languages welcomes those who seek diversity, who understand the limits of their own worldviews and who seek ways to understand others.  Language is a foundational human bond.  We come to language and literature and linguistics and writing to wonder, to understand, to inspire, and to work.  You are welcome here.

Our department’s mission is to educate citizens to use language effectively and to appreciate the history, diversity, and complexity of their culture.  The department seeks to improve students' abilities to read and write, to listen attentively and to communicate, to think analytically and creatively, to appreciate the aesthetics of literature, and to value diverse cultures.  Department faculty teach purposefully, leading investigations of writing, language, literature, and culture, work informed by research and scholarly activity, service to the University, and broad-based community involvement.

For information, contact Jeff Buchanan, Department Chair:  jmbuchanan@ysu.edu

Academic Programs

The Department of English and World Languages offers:

  • Bachelor of arts (BA) degrees in:  Spanish, English, and Public and Professional Writing
  • In collaboration with the Department of Teacher Education and Leadership Studies, Bachelor of science (BS) degrees in:  Spanish Education and Integrated Language Arts.
  • Academic Minors in:  Spanish, English Studies, British and American Literature, Public and Professional Writing, Linguistics, and Creative Writing.
  • Masters of Arts (MA) degree in English.
  • Graduate certificates in:  Literature for Children and Young Adults, the Teaching of Writing, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), and Public and Professional Writing.
  • Coursework in American Sign Language, German, Latin, and Film Studies.

For information about our academic programs, contact the Department Chair or the following Program Coordinators:

  • Corey Andrews (ceandrews@ysu.edu): English
  • Diana Awad-Scrocco (dlawadscrocco@ysu.edu): Public and Professional Writing
  • Chris Barzak (cmbarzak@ysu.edu): Creative Writing
  • Stacy Graber (sgraber@ysu.edu): English Education (Integrated Language Arts)
  • Diana Palardy (dqpalardy@ysu.edu): World Languages
  • Nicole Pettitt (npettitt@ysu.edu): Linguistics and TESOL
  • Luke Hardy (lhardy01@ysu.edu): Graduate Programs

Academic Activities

Students interested in French, Italian, or Spanish, including non-majors and non-minors, are invited to participate in the French, Italian, or Spanish Club.  Club activities include regular meetings, conversation hours, organized dinners, and attendance at various events such as Opera Western Reserve and the Cleveland International Film Festival.

The Department strongly encourages all students to study abroad.


Jeffrey M. Buchanan, Ph.D., Chair


Corey E. Andrews, Ph.D., Professor

Diana Awad-Scrocco, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Kevin E. Ball, Ph.D., Professor

Christopher Barzak, M.F.A., Professor

Laura L. Beadling, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Jennifer Behney, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Philip Sean Brady, Ph.D., Professor

Maria Conti Maravillas, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Suzanne Diamond, Ph.D., Professor

Timothy Francisco, Ph.D., Professor

Jay L. Gordon, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Stacy Graber, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Lucas D. Hardy, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Alena Kirova, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Diana Q. Palardy, Ph.D., Professor

Nicole Pettitt, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Dolores V. Sisco, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Gina Villamizar, Ph.D., Associate Professor


Barbara Flinn, M.A., Lecturer

Jacklynn Mercer, M.A., Lecturer

Cynthia Vigliotti, M.A., Senior Lecturer