Select two (2) of the following classes in the 1540s and two (2) of the following classes at 3700 level and above.12
ART 1541Survey of Art History 13.0
ART 1542Survey of Art History 23.0
ART 1543Survey of Art History: Gods and Monsters--Religion, Myth, and the Supernatural3.0
ART 1544Survey of Art History: Body, Gender, and Self3.0
ART 1545Survey of Art History: Politics, Cities, and Art for the Public3.0
ART 3741Topics in Medieval Art3.0
ART 3742Topics in Renaissance Art3.0
ART 3743Baroque and Rococo Art3.0
ART 3745Nineteenth Century European Art3.0
ART 3784Art of China3.0
ART 3785Art of Japan3.0
ART 3789Arts of South and Southeast Asia3.0
ART 4880Special Topics in Art History3.0
ART 5840Topics in Ancient Art3.0
ART 5881Twentieth Century Art to 19603.0
ART 5882Twentieth Century Art from 19603.0