Course Final Examination

All courses offered for credit shall include either a final examination given at the scheduled final examination date/time or a summative assessment. No deviation from the exam schedule, approved by Academic Senate, is authorized.  Specific exceptions for certain courses may be granted by the instructor obtaining prior approval from the appropriate academic unit head (chair/dean).  Students shall be informed of any such exceptions in the course syllabus.  The final examination schedule and regulations listed below are also posted on the Office of the Registrar's final exam website.  

  • Final examinations (finals) are not to be given before the final examination period.
    • Finals for fall/spring full term courses are held during the sixteenth week of the semester. 
    • Finals in any condensed parts of term for fall/spring courses are given on the last day the class meets, unless otherwise specified by the instructor.
    • Finals for all summer term courses are given on the last day the class meets, unless otherwise specified by the instructor.
  • Full term finals are scheduled based on the start time and first day of the week the course is held during the semester. Therefore, in-person examinations must be held at the day/hour scheduled because the classroom may not be available at other times. It is recommended students confirm the date/time of their finals with the class instructors. The following exceptions apply for fall/spring full term courses:
    • Classes scheduled only one day or evening per week will meet at the time the class is scheduled, unless otherwise specified by the instructor.
    • Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday classes will meet at their regularly scheduled hours on that day for the final exam, unless otherwise specified by the instructor.
  • If a student has three or more examinations on one day, they should attempt to reschedule one (or more) of those examinations on another day when the instructor has an examination. 
  • Permission for taking a final examination at any time other than the scheduled time must be arranged with the instructor of the class involved.

Contact For Questions/Concerns

Office: Office of the Registrar
Location: Meshel Hall