Minor in Linguistics

The minor in linguistics requires completion of a minimum of 18 semester hours including ENGL 3755 Principles of Linguistic Study. Contact Nicole Pettitt, Linguistic Program Director, for further details.

Required Courses
ENGL 3755Principles of Linguistic Study3
Group I
Select at least two courses:6
Language and Culture
Development of the English Language
Advanced Linguistics
English Grammar
Applied French Phonetics
French Conversation and Composition Capstone
Spanish Phonetics and Phonology
Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition
Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
Topics in Spanish Language and Linguistics
Additional Coursework for Groups I and II
Select at least 9 s.h. from the following:9
Language Acquisition
TESOL Methods
TESOL Practicum
English Grammar
Selected Topics in Discourse
Introduction to Logic
Language and Mind
Symbolic Logic
Artificial Intelligence
Total Semester Hours18